Monday, March 7, 2016

a little quilt made a big trip

... and arrived at our home for L. to snuggle with!

a quilt for L. from Bonjour Quilts

Kirsty sent such a lovely and generous gift all the way from Australia! The quilt is really stunning, I love the colours and prints and the geometric pattern. So happy and dynamic, perfect for a little boy! :-)

a quilt for L. from Bonjour Quilts

a quilt for L. from Bonjour Quilts

She also sent me this. It was quite an emotional moment seeing that little jacket again in real life. Who would have thought back then that my own little baby would be wearing it one day?! :-) There also might have been some chocolate ... Ahem! Thank you again so, so much Kirsty!!! You'll be happy to hear that the quilt has since been spit up on and washed! :-D

a quilt for L. from Bonjour Quilts


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Well hello, beautiful little baby feet! :) I'm so glad it arrived safely and that it is being of some use. I also didn't realise how it matches you blog colours - it looks like I planned it. (Let's just pretend I planned that ;)

Katarzyna Wójcik - Respendowicz said...

Wow,I would like to make the same:)))