Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Painted Portrait Blouse - literally

Painted Portrait Blouse

Here is a Painted Portrait Blouse (pattern by Anna Maria Horner) that took me quite some time to finish. I made some little steps here and there for about a year ... I have to admit that I'm not too happy with it. As soon as I had sewn the yoke to the front panel I saw that I didn't like my fabric combination all that much. I think the yoke is much too dark for the ditsy Liberty print, but it felt too complicated and also unrealistic to change the fabric at that stage. Actually, I first planned to use the turquoise lining fabric for the yoke outer, but then decided to switch things around in the midst of winter because I thought it would be too harsh ... Now that we've got sunlight again I regret the switch. Well, I thought it's still better to soldier on and finish it than let it linger unfinished. It tried to "save" the situation and lighten up the yoke and draw the eye to it a bit more by adding the painted detail with fabric paint which I had sitting around at home.

Painted Portrait Blouse

Now I'm thinking I might have made it worse ... Well, it's nice to try a spontaneous idea, sometimes they turn out well! The pattern is not very difficult to make, I think, and I like that it gives the opportunity to combine different fabrics and there are lots of different options like the dress length and I'd love to try the pieced yoke version with sleeves at one point. The pattern might not be the most flattering for my pear shape, but I think with a little fit adjustment during assembly (which the way the blouse is constructed would make easily possible) the loose fit would suit me a bit better.

Painted Portrait Blouse

Aaah, the print is so pretty, maybe I just feel the the finished blouse can't live up to the loveliness of Liberty ...!

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Ann Buffery said...

Maybe attach a band of the dark yoke fabric along the hem of the garment to balance it out? Good luck.