Monday, March 16, 2015

Berry Border Pillow

This weekend I finally got around to taking some pictures of my finished Berry Border Pillow. The pattern is from Alicia Paulson's  beautiful Embroidery Companion. This was my first cross-stitch project and as suggested in the book it's perfect for a beginner.

The grid of the gingham is very clear, so you don't have to struggle too much counting (I say too much, because if you are like me, you'll struggle a bit anyway ...) and it all comes together quite quickly because of the relatively big size of the squares.

I used different embroidery thread and colours than in the instructions, mainly because I wanted to use what I already had, but also I think this green gingham (a present from my mother-in-law) needs slightly stronger colours than the lighter coloured peachy gingham in the book.

The grid of this gingham is not completely square, so it affects the outcome a bit, but I think it doesn't really matter that much in the overall design of the finished project. At least I think it's pretty and V. likes it, too. She put her head on it almost immediately after she spotted it and said "hieno", which means something like "great/fine/wonderful" in Finnish. She also recognized straight away that there are strawberries in the border. :-)

I decided to use ric-rac instead of piping, again mostly because I had this blue ric-rac in my stash and it fits perfectly with this cute folksy fabric I chose for the back. I'm really happy with how this turned out and the project gave me the confidence to finally begin Alicia's Winterwoods ABCs sampler I had ordered a couple of years ago!

I'm really glad I finally tried cross-stitch, it's really fun and relaxing!


Alicia P. said...

Oh Eva, I love it. I like it better than the original. GREAT JOB. It's just beautiful!!! xoxo, a

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Yay, Eva! It looks great and I love V.'s endorsement. Kid's don't lie about these sort of things!
I have a soft spot for cross stitch on gingham because my aunty used to make lovely table cloths with all sorts of cross stitch/chicken scratch borders on them. I thought they were just so beautiful. Good luck with your next project! x x

Franziska said...

Das sieht schön aus. Freut mich, daß es der Kleinen gefällt.

Franziska said...

Das sieht schön aus. Freut mich, daß es der Kleinen gefällt.

Mari said...

Hieno indeed! Those are the best compliments :)