Wednesday, January 21, 2015

drawstring bag

I made this drawstring bag using two practise blocks I made during the patchwork course I'm taking. We had an Amish patchwork theme for some lessons and were asked to bring several fabrics: some favourite colours, a neutral colour (I wanted solid black to go with the traditional Amish vibe I had in mind, but didn't have any so the text print was a great stand-in) and a colour we're not particularly fond of.

We all had huge fun guessing at which colour was the others' "least favourite" and realizing that a little bit of something out of one's comfort zone can add quite a bit of flair and contrast. Above is the first block I made and my not-so-favourite colour is the orange. Yes, you might think the same as my coursemates (and in fact myself now) that the orange actually "makes" this block. Another fun thing to notice was to see how the same colour can look very different according to which other colours are next to it. For instance the pink looks a lot darker in the small squares than in the bigger squares next to the black.

In my second block I moved the colours around a bit. It really looks different, but I can't decide which one I like better ... It really was a fun exercise and the more I sew the less colours there are I don't like all. It's all just a question of the right amount and context, I guess.

I've been wanting to make a drawstring bag for myself for some time now to store WIPs and other sewing stuff in and this was the perfect project to use up those blocks! I lined it and added a tunnel of pink with an opening on one side. I made a two-toned lining since I didn't have enough of either colour for the whole lining. I really like it and I think it goes really well with the look and "using stuff up"-theme here. I'm happy I got some use out of those blocks (and that string and closure had been in my crafting stash for years ...!), plus it makes me happy to see them on a regular basis.

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