Wednesday, February 19, 2014

fabric play with curves and circles

This little pile is fabric I picked out to play with in a patchwork course I am taking right now. I've been to the course twice so far and it has been such fun and I've already learned a lot of new things and helpful little tricks. The theme of the course is Curves and Circles and we are learning different techniques to cut and piece those shapes.

Here you can see a sample of the different techniques we've been trying.

These bikes and cobblestones will be sewn into a little curvy patchwork square.

Last week we learned a technique to make perfect circles with the help of freezer paper. Above is my first version. One of my classmates had the brilliant idea to fussy cut the circle, and of course I had to try that right away as well:

I think it looks really pretty and I love to see how choosing a different fabric affects the look of the block so much! Fun! Taking part in the course has been quite a spontaneous decision, which I'm glad I made. And I tried to keep my fabric choices etc. quite spontaneous as well and not to overthink or fret too much about which print to choose for what technique and so on. It's fun to work like that, concentrating on the process of making and not to worry too much about the outcome. My plan is to make a quilt with all the samples we make in the course and I would like to keep the quilt quite spontaneous as well. Let's see what will become of those little exercises in fabric! It's nice to venture out of one's crafting comfort zone once in a while. :-)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daisy Chain Sampler finish

It only took me about 3 years ... ;-) Finally, I finished my Daisy Chain Sampler and had it framed! I think it is so pretty and all those imperfections and little creases stemming from my emroidery "skillz" don't even bother me anymore! Actually, I have to say that after making this, I've become quite confident in my embroidery skills. This design incorporates so many different stitches and those are so well explained, that I'd like to try something similar again. French knots are fun now, not scary! :-D

When I first started the sampler, I actually made quite fast progress. It's motivating to be able to work from letter to letter and so having small little goals you can achieve relatively quickly. Around "W" I had some problems with the stitches and was not happy with my work, so I set it aside for a while. For a long while as it turned out ... This is not the first project that was abandoned so close to the finish line. Does that happen to you, too? Anyways, at the start of this year, boosted by some New Year motivation, I finished it really quickly and it made me feel so proud of myself! Hehe! :-)

I'm really happy with the frame I chose. I'm always a bit insecure, since the finished framed work always looks a bit different than when you just try to hold different frame samples next to your artwork and imagine how it will look. Luckily, I really like this one. I think the chapped look suits the retro and romantic feel of the sampler really well. I treated myself to having it framed for my birthday.

Here's a pic before it was framed: 

Now I just have to decide where to hang it ... For now it looks really pretty on top of that shelf, though! :-)

I've finished and made some other little things, mostly for V., but for some reason feel very unsuccessful about taking good pictures of them. At the moment it's very grey outside again, but even when we had sunshine last week, I was lacking some photoraphy vision ... I hope I'll get out of that rut again, soon. It's so nice to have good pics of one's projects as a souvenir and also it makes me happy and motivates me sharing them here and on my flickr.

I'm thinking about what to make V. for summer clothing (we're all set for winter and spring, I think, thanks to Christmas gifts and a couple of items I made!). I think some leggings, shorts and cute T-shirts made with the Briar Rose knits I bought last summer would be great! Let's see! I'll try to keep you posted! Have a lovely rest of the week!