Wednesday, November 19, 2014

washi patchwork tote and some quilting

Washi Patchwork Tote

The washi-inspired patchwork tote for my secret swap partner is finished! Yay! Well ahead of the deadline! Yay! I will tell you more about the finished project once the swap is completed (mid-december).

Now that I've finished this project, I'd like to make some Christmas-related stuff and something for ME. I've had the pieces for a Painted Portrait Blouse cut out and lounging around for a couple of months now ...

FMQ practice

During the patchwork course I'm going to, I've had the chance to practise my FMQ skills a bit more. This was all totally a result of encouragement and inspiration from our teacher. I was all set on quilting dull wobbly lines and this was much more fun!

FMQ practice

This is for the back of the Loulouthi pillow cover I started this spring. Our teacher came up with the idea to imitate the floral pattern in the print. I really like how it came out and I've had such fun quilting. I didn't worry too much about perfection since it's "only" the back and it was cool to try out some different patterns. And actually it was much faster than quilting lines! Sometimes it's so good to get out of your crafty comfort zone.