Monday, October 27, 2014

washi patchwork progress

Washi patchwork Fortschritte

This weekend I made some progress on the washi-inspired patchwork project I'm working on for a swap. I made a big panel of patchwork and then cut it up again. I was a bit scared of that step, but I thought it would be necessary for achieving the effect I was hoping for. I won the ruler some years ago in a giveaway online and had never used it before. It seemed like a useful tool for this project.

Washi patchwork Fortschritte

As you can see I cut up the panel quite randomly, some pieces a bit askew, some straight and I took care to cut some in both directions, so the text fabrics would stay more or less the correct way up when put together again. Of course this process has left me with a certain amount of scraps, but I don't mind. I think I'll use those to make a little pouch for myself.

Washi patchwork Fortschritte

I think I will add in some more of the "tape" stripes in between these pieces, let's see if it works out the way I imagined!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I know what you mean about cutting things apart like that - it just feels so wrong. Then I have to tell myself 'well how is it any different to the fabric you cut apart to make this?". Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't! :) Good luck - although it seems like you've got it all sorted!

Franziska said...

Ich bin schon schwer gespannt, wie es mal aussehen wird. Schön, daß du am Entstehungsprozess teilhaben läßt.