Monday, July 28, 2014

some summer sewing

briar rose hat

Some little summer sewing has been happening ... I made this sun hat for V. some weeks ago, it's from a free pattern on the Ottobre Design website. (Thank you again Franziska for the tip! :-)) I could only find the pattern in Finnish and German, not English, but I think it's relatively straightforward to sew if you have some experience. You only have to remember adding seam allowances to the patterns and some lightweight interfacing to the brim of the hat. Also, if you have a directional print, I think it's nice to place the direction of the print upside down on the underside of the brim so it will be right side up once you flip up the brim. (I didn't do that with V.'s hat and I'm a bit annoyed by it, so now you're warned. ;-))

sun hat

I made another one for our godson, but I had to recruit the singing dog to model that one. Maybe V. was sensing that the hat wasn't intended for her ... ;-)

sun hat

I think it's a nice and practical design that works for both little boys and girls!

jersey shorts

V. needed some shorts, so I made two pairs of what just might be the quickest to make shorts ever, at least with a serger that won't give you too much grief. The material is jersey and the waistband ribbing (without the addition of an elastic band), there are no side seams and the legs are finished with a rolled hem. I decided to make two nearly identical ones, because then I didn't feel like lingering too much on fabric choices.

briar rose interlock shorts

I like how they turned out and the Briar Rose knit has been holding up well in the wash, too. I hope there will be knits for the Windham re-release of Far Far Away as well, since these knits are so nice and those snails and frogs would be so cute for kids' clothing!

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