Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Pearl Birthday Dress

little pearl dress

This is the little dress I made for V.'s birthday. I'm so glad I was able to finish it in time, it's so cute and suits her so well! It's the Little Pearl Dress from Liberty Love.

dress detail

It was quite simple to sew and I love all the little details like the ribbon and the buttons that give a big impact without being complicated to execute.


The buttoned back is so pretty and cute, I think, and goes so well with the classic and retro feel of this dress.

dress back
 It's nice to have this little dress as a special keepsake of V.'s first birthday celebration. We had such a great day and she was enjoying herself very much.

napkin blooms

I simply had to make some of these Wallflowers. They turned out so pretty!


Another thing that can't be missing at a Finnish celebration is voileipäkakku or sandwich cake. It is basically sandwiches made into what looks like a cake ... yes, a bit tacky ... and delicious! I really like making it, mostly because the decorating part is such fun and all the rest really simple. The fillings in this one are prosciutto, red pesto, tomato flavoured cream cheese and goat's milk cream cheese.

Next on my sewing list: more dresses for V.! (There are just too many cute designs out there that I would like to make!)


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Happy Birthday V!! My goodness, that year has gone fast. And what a perfect gift - her first taste of Liberty (I think it's her first??). The eyelet lace is so classic, I loved it as a girl and in fact still really like it, for clothes for me.
And I won't have you say a bad word about that sandwich cake - I hope the person who invented it made a lot of money. It looks delish!

Franziska said...

Ein Augenschmaus. Alles. Sehr gelungen.
Mach einfach weiter mit dem Kleidchennähen. Ich habe meine Chance vertan.

Franziska said...

Ach. Und happy Birthday, V.