Wednesday, March 5, 2014

beary cute hoodie and sweatpants set

I made this little set for V. some time ago. The fabric was so irresistibly cute and cozy, I had to buy some of it. I bought it here in Helsinki and unfortunately have no info about the manufacturer. Both patterns are from Ottobre Design magazines, the hoodie from 3/2009 and the sweatpants from 4/2011. I chose the hoodie pattern because of the asymmetric front. I wanted something a bit special, but not too busy to take away too much attention from the print.

I like this kind of pattern for babies, the wide and foldable rib in the waist and at the legs gives the trousers some room for growth.

This knit is quite bulky and I broke one double needle when sewing the hem. Since I didn't want to break another, I used a stronger single needle and decided to zigzag the hem, arm openings and the rib on the front of the hoodie. I really like the way it looks and I think it's a good solution for a problem like this. The seams are still stretchy this way and it is actually a fun feature for a children's item.

I had some of these simple snaps for the front at hand, and I think they are perfect here.

And the inside of the fabric is so snuggly!

Most of the time we use the items seperately. That's quite a lot of bears to pull off! ;-)


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

They just look so snuggly. You need a pair for yourself!

Franziska said...

Die Jacke ist so extrem süß. Ich wünschte, ich könntr sowas machen. Total toll.