Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's nice to be back!

Life got in the way of blogging and sewing during the last couple of  months, but now I hope I'm back to posting (more or less) regularly! Yay!

First, I have to show you what the lovely Kirsty sent us for little V.! I was so touched when her package arrived! So generous! The package included a beautiful quilt, handmade by Kirsty:

tummy time

Perfect for tummy time! :-) You can see better photos of the quilt in Kirsty's post about it here.

baby feet and quilt

But that was not all! She also included a lovely hat, cardie and boots set, hand-knit by her grandmother:

a beautiful hand-knit set

cutest mullet ever! :-)

Love that mullet! :-)

On top of that, Kirsty included two Wondersuits, which apparently enjoy quite a cult status in Australia. I can understand why, they're really practical and the fabric is so warm, soft and comfy! Also, I love the retro design!


And as if that wasn't enough, she topped it all off with some yummy treats:

yummy treats from Down Under

yum, yum! Now I suffer, because there are no Cherry Ripe Bites to be had in Finland ...!

Thank you again so very much Kirsty!!!