Wednesday, March 27, 2013

baby sleep gear

baby sleep sacks

More baby sewing! I made these Baby Sleep Sacks from this great (and free!) pattern by Running With Scissors. They struck me as practical for night-time diaper changes and I also had all the material I needed on hand. I bought the flannel on sale a while ago and I had the knit fabric and ribbing lying around left over from other projects.

baby sleep sacks

Making two at the same time, assembly-line style, meant that they came together pretty quickly. I finished the ribbing in a slightly different way than in the tutorial, but ended up regretting it, since it was bulkier this way and I broke my twin needle halfway through ... I'm happy enough with the outcome, though. The sleeves look quite narrow, so I'm curious to see how well they will fit (or for how long).

built-in scratch mitt

I really like the fact that there are built-in scratch mitts incorporated in the sleeves, they're so cute and practical.


I had a lot of the flannel left, so I also made the snuggler from Simple Sewing for Baby.


This was another quite quick and easy project. I'd never seen a snuggler before, so I'm curious about how useful it will be! After this project, I still had enough fabric to make a two-sided duvet cover with the quilting cotton on one side and the flannel on the other.

duvet cover

I followed the measurements and style of the duvet cover included in the Finnish government's baby starter pack. Because of the flannel on one side, I think it can also double as a blanket. I'm really happy with these sleep gear projects, they were easy to make and the materials didn't cost much.

Now back to waiting ...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Change Trousers

quick change trousers

A little more baby sewing ... I made these little Quick Change Trousers (pattern from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner).

quick change trousers

Choosing the fabric combination for the two sides was really fun and the trousers came together really easily and quickly. I love this Monsterz print, I wish I had bought more of that collection when it was around.

quick change trousers

The reverse side is a scribble print from Cloud9's Happy Drawing and the birds are from Beach Mod by Monaluna for Birch fabrics (as are the dots I paired with the Monsterz).

quick change trousers - detail

I can't resist showing you my favourite details of the Monsterz print. Who knew socks are such a big deal for monsters?! :-)

quick change trousers - detail

I also made this simple softie rattle:

simple softie rattle

I used part of the panel print from Happy Drawing, backed it with an orange scribble, stuffed it with polyester and added a little bell to it. Cute and easy!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

crib bumper

crib bumper10

I finished the crib bumper! Yay! *Throws arms into the air like the little toy frog.*

crib bumper09

Again, I used fabric from my Noteworthy FQ bundle, this time the blue, grey and off-white fabrics. I loosely followed the instructions in Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby. I adapted the width of the finished panels to fit our crib and assembled strips cut from the fat quarters, 30 cm tall and with random widths. For the outside of the bumper I alternated Noteworthy strips with pieces of grey solid cotton. I quilted in the ditch of the inside panel at random intervals to add some stability.

crib bumper07

The ties are quite short, which is good for safety reasons, I guess. I just don't know if they'd be long enough for a crib with broader bars, so that would be something to try out if you'd like to make a bumper as well.

crib bumper04

I'm really happy with how it turned out, the colours are really soothing and the prints so lovely, in my opinion. The crib looks much more cozy with the bumper, so I'm glad I made one.

crib bumper03

We didn't buy a lot of baby clothes, but I couldn't resist buying this little onesie when I discovered Virkkukoukkunen's Helsinki shop last week.

ihmistaimi onesie

The picture is hand-drawn and there are no two exactly the same. The text says "human seedling". You can see their range of onesies here. The Helsinki shop is really lovely, they have a great little selection of Robert Kaufman fabrics, including Ann Kelle laminates. The staff was really nice and helpful as well. I'll definitely go back there to buy some fabric in the future! It's so difficult to find quilting cottons in Finland, so I'm glad I found their shop!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

changing table storage and a block

changing table004

Here is my latest sewn storage project, after the fabric basket and -bowls! I've been really reluctant to talk about this on the blog for some reason, but (as you might suspect now ...) we're having a baby! Soon! :-) So now you know, and also understand what I've been making all those baskets for. Nesting Fabric Bowls, indeed!

changing table001

I used more of my Noteworthy FQ bundle, some natural linen and some old curtains. The changing table is a very basic design from Ikea and I made the fabric pockets to make access to all the baby changing paraphernalia easier.

changing table003

I kind of eyeballed the size of the pockets, and it seems they turned out quite well to hold diapers, baby wipes and so on. There's a similar pocket panel on the other side.

changing table05

To make the storage pockets, I measured the table and decided on the size of the pockets. The linen background is ten centimetres higher than the pockets. I fused fusible fleece to the backs of the pocket panels and the linen and lined the pockets with the yellow curtain fabric. I then machine-basted the lined and topstitched pocket panels to the linen background around the bottom and sides and stitched it to the background along the panel seams.

changing table05

Then I added the yellow middle panel and some bias binding ties and backed it all with the curtain fabric. Easy peasy, and it does look quite nice as well, I think! :-)

I'm sewing quite a lot at the moment, all the time starting new projects and sometimes even finishing WIPs. When Jeni at In Color Order published her design for the Aurifil Block of the Month on Sunday, I couldn't resist giving it a try!

Aurifil Block of the Month - March

I used scraps in happy saturated colours and even decided to incorporate some leftover flannel. I was quite impatient to see the result, so this is not my finest piecing. Should have trimmed those HSTs! I think this block is really cool and scrap friendly and a couple of them would make a lovely little quilt! Well, let's see ...! Next, I would like to make a crib bumper and finish the feature panel fabric bowls, time and energy permitting. :-)

bumpy view