Friday, December 13, 2013

some christmassy sewing

It's been quiet around here. There has been a little bit of sewing, though. Mostly christmassy stuff. I made a little reversible smock in christmassy fabric for V., because I thought it would be nice to commemorate her first Christmas with a handmade item of clothing.

reversible smock in christmassy fabric

The pattern is from Ottobre Design magazine issue 1/2012. The fabric I used for the reverse side is not quite as christmassy, so I hope she'll be wearing it for a while even once Christmas is over.

reversible smock in christmassy fabric

I especially love the criss-crossing back, so cute and classic!

smock back

My sister-in-law knit these brilliant socks. Together with some tights, a onesie and the smock they make a really adorable outfit!

christmassy handknit socks

I'm also making V. her own Christmas stocking. (Like these I made for J. and myself. Pattern from Stitched in Time.) Let's see if I can finish it in time ...

button initial christmas stocking wip

Last year I cut up a bunch of squares for a Christmas quilt. I managed to sew 2 blocks! :-D

simple christmassy patchwork

I also made a little elf following the pattern in Scandinavian Stitches. That was last year, though. I only now got around to taking a pic! I think it's unlikely I'll post any more this year, so I'd like to wish everyone a lovely Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2014! (2014????!!!!)



Franziska said...

Oh. Dieses Kleidchen (ich glaube, es heißt eigentlich Schürze) ist so so süß! Ich wünschte, ich hätte damals sowas für Linnea genäht! So niedlich. Die 1/2012 habe ich leider nicht. In 122 sieht es bestimmt nicht mehr so niedlich aus. Aber für ihre Püppi wäre das was. Seufz. Irgendwann.
Der Elf ist ja so niedlich (heißt der bei Euch auch Nisse?). Ist das Buch gut? Bin ja ein Schwedenfan, somit wäre das was für mich. Berichte mal.
Einen Weihnachtsquilt gibt's bisher auch nur in meinem Kopf, falls es Dich tröstet.
Eine Socke habe ich dieses Jahr rechtzeitig geschafft. hier
Frohe Weihnachten Euch! Wann hier wieder genäht wird, wird sich zeigen (siehe Sockenpost)...

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I know, where has 2013 gone?? It's ridiculous.
That Christmas dress is just adorable - and so adaptable (summer by itself, winter over warmer things) I'm sure she'll get tons of use out of it.
I really love that woodcut print too, I even like it in the purple colour way which is saying something. You have such good taste, Eva! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, love! I just found your blog - what fun!