Thursday, September 5, 2013

patchwork sleeping sack

patchwork sleeping sack

There are some things I made during my pregnancy sewing frenzy that I haven't shown you, yet. One of them is this Patchwork Sleeping Sack, made following the instructions from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. I really liked making it, the instructions are very clear and the pattern is just so cute. The part that was most fun, of course, was picking out the fabrics. I went with children's prints on white, because I wanted a similar feel to this pillow. The fabrics I chose are mostly in rainbow colours and with high contrast, and I like the way they look all together!

bird detail

The size of the patchwork squares is larger than in the original pattern to showcase the prints a bit better. Other alterations I made was adding an extra layer of flannel in between the layers (wouldn't do that again, it was a tad too warm and also more difficult to sew) and hiding the seam in the inside bottom with leftover bias tape.

neckline detail

I took the pictures of the sack in the cardboard box V. slept in during the first weeks, as is the custom in Finland. The lovely embroidered crib sheet was first used by V.'s Finnish grandfather.

heart detail

The sleeping sack is much too small now, but I think it's nice to have something extra-special for those first weeks. Also, like this the size is small enough to keep a doll or teddy bear warm! :-)

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