Wednesday, March 27, 2013

baby sleep gear

baby sleep sacks

More baby sewing! I made these Baby Sleep Sacks from this great (and free!) pattern by Running With Scissors. They struck me as practical for night-time diaper changes and I also had all the material I needed on hand. I bought the flannel on sale a while ago and I had the knit fabric and ribbing lying around left over from other projects.

baby sleep sacks

Making two at the same time, assembly-line style, meant that they came together pretty quickly. I finished the ribbing in a slightly different way than in the tutorial, but ended up regretting it, since it was bulkier this way and I broke my twin needle halfway through ... I'm happy enough with the outcome, though. The sleeves look quite narrow, so I'm curious to see how well they will fit (or for how long).

built-in scratch mitt

I really like the fact that there are built-in scratch mitts incorporated in the sleeves, they're so cute and practical.


I had a lot of the flannel left, so I also made the snuggler from Simple Sewing for Baby.


This was another quite quick and easy project. I'd never seen a snuggler before, so I'm curious about how useful it will be! After this project, I still had enough fabric to make a two-sided duvet cover with the quilting cotton on one side and the flannel on the other.

duvet cover

I followed the measurements and style of the duvet cover included in the Finnish government's baby starter pack. Because of the flannel on one side, I think it can also double as a blanket. I'm really happy with these sleep gear projects, they were easy to make and the materials didn't cost much.

Now back to waiting ...


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Look at you nesting like a champion! You have made so many gorgeous little things, I'm so impressed. I think the snuggler will be great, so many babies sleep much better when swaddled and that will do the job. Of course some babies hate being swaddled but they're in the minority. How exciting that you'll know which yours prefers very, very soon! Squeee!!

The Muse of The Day said...

I got a kick out of Kirsty's comment of you "nesting like a champion." It is true, you are on over drive. I hope this comment finds you ALL happy & healthy. My thoughts are with you.