Wednesday, February 13, 2013

noteworthy noodlehead

divided basket

Another fabric basket. This time I followed this great pattern by noodlehead. I used more of my fat quarter bundle of Noteworthy and stayed within the same colour-scheme I used for the nesting fabric bowls I made last week.

divided basket front

For the main fabric of the basket I used natural linen, which I think goes really well with the prints. (But then again, what doesn't go with natural linen?!)

divided basket side

I combined two different light blue FQs for the lining, since I wanted to make as much of my bundle as possible. Because of the way the pattern works that was no problem and I think it actually looks kind of cute like this.

divided basket lining

Since I didn't have any webbing, I made the fabric only handles and they were easy to make and look cute to boot.

divided basket handle

The finished basket is a great roomy size, but not too huge. I will definitely make more! The sewing didn't stop there, though. I also made an open wide zippered pouch, following the noodlehead tutorial.

noteworthy pouch

Again, I stayed within the same colour-scheme and/or used the same fabrics as with the earlier projects. FQs can sometimes seem a bit small, but in the end it's amazing what you can eke out of them!

noteworthy pouch lining

Pretty paisley on the lining! I also like the zipper tab, it's such a cute feature of this pouch pattern!

noteworthy pouch zipper tab

The next project has been begun, as well. I've pieced the feature panels for the 3 bigger sizes of the nesting fabric bowls. For these, I used scraps from the projects I made so far. I want to use natural linen as the main fabric here as well and then do a bit of hand-quilting like on the pattern cover. Can you tell I'm having fun?! :-)

patchwork panels for nesting bowls


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Hello Eva! Boy, you've been busy! I love this line of fabric - I've not seen it before (but admittedly I have been a little out of the loop lately), it's so nice. And amazing how much you're getting out of fat quarters.
I really love that fabric bowl pattern, I've been thinking I might make a set for my sewing area (scraps, tools, etc), but I'm still waiting for all the furniture to arrive from France (sea freight) and don't want to make anything until I have a feel for how much space I have.
You've got me hankering for natural linen again now, and of course none of mine is here yet (I only brought a small stash with my machine in the air freight). I might have to go shopping and see what Australia has to offer.
Hope you and J are braving winter okay and that you are doing well. Love! x xx

Anna said...

oh gosh, I'm totally drooling!! those are both such cute projects. :)))))

Franziska said...

I can't wait to make another basket, too. I enjoyed making mine. Your's looks really nice.