Wednesday, May 23, 2012

make-up rolls

Now that their recipients have probably received them, I can share two make-up rolls I made with you.


The first one was made for my sister-in-law's birthday. She likes orange and aqua (among other colours) and likes mixing different styles and patterns. The Innocent Crush print I used for the outside struck me as going with her style quite well, so I used it as a starting point for choosing the fabrics.


The background is Quilter's Linen ( I want to say it's aqua, but I bought it as part of a FQ bundle, so I'm not absolutely sure ...)  and the orange prints are by Monaluna. The purple print is from Lizzy House's Outfoxed and goes really well with the Innocent Crush print, I think!


I went on mixing colours in the button thread and the closure and I really like the result!

red and aqua make-up roll

The second roll is for my friend Dana who has recently discovered the joys of make-up. I asked her what kind of fabrics she would like and she said she'd like something red and that she's a big fan of stripes, dots and stars. The above is what I pulled together from my stash. Another Innocent Crush print, the same Quilter's Linen as background and then some prints from Rosalie Quinlan's Folk Heart, plus a starry print with no information on the selvedge that I bought several years ago.

make-up roll detail

I added a little Oilily lip balm as an extra surprise, since I know Dana loves the brand and the design was perfect for this roll!

make-up roll outside

This one I could have easily kept for myself! The colour combination is one of my favourites as is that lovely red print. I think it's time to make a roll for myself! Now only to decide on the fabrics ...! What would you go with, classic prints  and calm colours or modern, bold and punchy? Maybe I'll have to make two to suit my mood! :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sewing and sunshine


Here I am with a little sewing progress. I've finished the May block for Jeni's HST BoM quilt-along and I think this is my favourite block so far. I especially like how the outer fabrics work together.

A Step Down quilting

Also, I'm slowly quilting my A Step Down mini (pattern in Quilting From Little Things by Sarah Fielke) and I like it more and more each time I look at it. This pattern really would make a great quilt.


We've been having lovely sunshine around here and the other day I caught some sparkles of light that were reflected from a brooch onto our bedroom walls. So pretty. The light is also beautiful outside, especially in the evenings. Below are a couple of pics I took on a walk at the shore.



Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loulouthi Sparkle Mini

Loulouthi Sparkle

Yesterday, I finally finished my Sparkle Mini quilt! The top had been finished for some time already, but the quilting took a while (mostly because of the delay caused by my machine breaking down) and now I finished the binding as well.

Sparkle detail

This was a really fun quilt and the mini size was just perfect for my patience right now! It would be a great pattern for a bed-sized quilt, but I'm not sure if I'd be up to squaring up all those HSTs ... I quilted it in irregular waves as was suggested in the quilt-along and I really like the effect. My waves are really close together and in my opinion this is a good way to quilt a mini to hang on the wall, since it makes the quilt lay really flat.

Sparkle back

For the back I randomly pieced fabric left over from the front and I like the effect. I decided to bind it in the Clippings fabric, since I wanted tiny flecks of that acidy yellow to show up all around the quilt, tying it in with the fussy cut rose.

Loulouthi rose

Can't get enough of that rose. So beautiful! By the way, Anna Maria Horner showed a little sneak peak of her next collection, I really can't wait to see more of it!


In other good news, we're finally seeing some green and plants around here! Yay! Now you can almost watch the flowers and leaves grow! I love this time of year!

tiny leaves