Friday, November 30, 2012

bubble dress

I was waiting for better light, but who was I kidding ...

bubble dress0003

This little dress is for our little niece. Her mother asked whether I'd like to sew something for her to wear on her christening day after the ceremony. Of course I said yes. The only wish was that the dress be lilac, otherwise I had free reign.

bubble dress0001

I chose a pattern from the most recent Ottobre Design magazine. Here you can see a picture of the dress as it appears in the magazine. I had enough of this lilac Alexander Henry Heath fabric to make the dress and I chose the Loulouthi Clippings print for the piping and little bow to add a bit of contrast.

bubble dress0002

That little bow was quite tricky to make, but it sure does look cute!

bubble dress0004

As does the bubble hem! The dress is fully lined with a white cotton muslin. It was really fun seeing how this pattern comes together. The only part I'm not completely happy with is the "invisible" zipper in the back, which I wasn't able to make as invisible as I'd have liked.

bubble dress0005

Fortunately, there will be a cute baby wearing it, distracting from any imperfections in the craftsmanship! :-) I can't wait to see it on her!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

baby blankets

My summer hasn't been totally without sewing. I made two little flannel backed baby blankets. The first was for a friend's little guy and I used a Loulouthi flannel for the backing and the front is from Oh Boy! by David Walker.

boy blanket0004

As with other similar blankets I've made, I used a simple white flannel instead of batting. I simply rounded the corners and quilted some lines in a grid after turning. Also I top-stitched closely around the edges. It was really simple to make and I think using a striking fabric like the Loulouthi flannel makes it look fun and interesting.

boy blanket0003

The second blanket was for our newborn niece. I used fabrics precious to me, a print from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks and a Folksy Flannel backing. I followed the instructions for the scalloped baby blanket in Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Those scallops are so pretty and go so well with those fabrics, I think!

girl blanket0003

Lovely sunny colours for a winter baby! :-)

girl blanket0001

Here in Helsinki it has been mostly gray and I'm already in the mood for Christmas. I really want to make a couple of these! How cute are they?! I already have the book, so there aren't any excuses for holding back with the Holiday sewing!