Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loulouthi Sparkle Mini

Loulouthi Sparkle

Yesterday, I finally finished my Sparkle Mini quilt! The top had been finished for some time already, but the quilting took a while (mostly because of the delay caused by my machine breaking down) and now I finished the binding as well.

Sparkle detail

This was a really fun quilt and the mini size was just perfect for my patience right now! It would be a great pattern for a bed-sized quilt, but I'm not sure if I'd be up to squaring up all those HSTs ... I quilted it in irregular waves as was suggested in the quilt-along and I really like the effect. My waves are really close together and in my opinion this is a good way to quilt a mini to hang on the wall, since it makes the quilt lay really flat.

Sparkle back

For the back I randomly pieced fabric left over from the front and I like the effect. I decided to bind it in the Clippings fabric, since I wanted tiny flecks of that acidy yellow to show up all around the quilt, tying it in with the fussy cut rose.

Loulouthi rose

Can't get enough of that rose. So beautiful! By the way, Anna Maria Horner showed a little sneak peak of her next collection, I really can't wait to see more of it!


In other good news, we're finally seeing some green and plants around here! Yay! Now you can almost watch the flowers and leaves grow! I love this time of year!

tiny leaves


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

The quilting is awesome - I can see why it took so long! But such a nice effect and it will really keep its shape on the wall so worth it. I think your binding choice is spot on too, a little bit of romance to finish it off!
I'm keen to see AMH's new collection too - it's a bit like waiting for Christmas! Hope you're having a great week!

The Muse of The Day said...

Ooh aahh ... I love the way it turned out,Eva. Good thing you had a bit of time off from work for May Day. I agree that the irregular quilting lines work really well on this little quilt and make it lie nice and flat - I think the white parts make me want to touch it. How clever a solution for the back of the quilt - it makes it feel connected to the front. The binding, too. Does this all mean that your machine is ready for a summer filled of action? I am glad Spring is starting to make a show in Finland - nothing is harder to deal with than waiting for a Spring that seems to have missed the schedule. We are in full force here, most days, now, actually feel more like summer. Enjoy your warmer weather and the "working" machine!!!

The Muse of The Day said...

I forgot to tell you, I am sure you already know ... Anna Maria is having a workshop not far from where I live. It is being held at the most posh hotel in Nashville. Breakfast there, for a family of four, can run you $200 ... To start! It IS a really cool place to be though, and what I like about Anna's workshops is that you actually learn something, it is not just "star gazing". Everyone has to make several trips to the car as they bring their entire sewing rooms- machines, cutting boards, irons, etc. it is quite the event. Anna also has all her fabrics there on bolts so that the workshop participants can have a field day - I think you would enjoy that. She is very down to earth, generous, and has a great sense of humor, but my favorite part about her is her work ethic. Anna is VERY hard working and comes fully prepared to all of her workshops, it is not all about her spouting how wonderful she is. If you ever get a chance to sign up for one of her workshops, I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. And if it ever happens to be in Nashville, I get to meet you! Hooray!
Gotta take the girls to school. Talk to you another day.