Thursday, March 1, 2012

six more weeks of winter


Here I am, back on the internet! Last week blogging didn't really "happen", mainly because I got my yearly spring-clean-frenzy. Do you get that inexplicable urge to purge (;-)) around this time of the year, too? Very odd, but now it looks really nice around here! :-) I wasn't too busy cleaning to break my sewing machine, though ... I don't really know what happened, I was machine-quilting with my walking-foot and suddenly my machine went on strike ... I'm now waiting for the diagnosis from the mechanic. Fortunately, I have another machine, but it only does straight stitch and there's no option for quilting on that one, so I'll have to put some projects on hold. On the other hand, I can go on with my sew-along blocks, so I guess all is not lost!


J. and I had a rare long weekend together and we had the opportunity to go to his family's mökki (summer cottage/cabin) for a couple of days. We had a really lovely time, just relaxing, reading, drawing (me), chopping wood (he), ... We didn't watch TV or go online at all, even though we could have. It was really nice to take some time off and just enjoy living for the moment and doing small daily activities slowly and consciously.

cozy evening

at the frozen lake

It's still all winter wonderland around here. The landscape is really pretty, all wrapped up in snow. Spring is slowly finding its way to Finland, we've had some really nice sunny days, but I think the snow is still going to last for a while.

beauty in the details

I wish you all some time to live for the moment this weekend!

P.S.: I think it's time to watch Groundhog Day again!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Is Phil really correct? 6 more weeks of winter for you?? Oh no! I won't tell you what it has been like this week (alright, I will say one word: divine) which is just as well as the kids are on school holidays and I have no guilt making them play outside.
Sounds like you had an awesome weekend - it is so nice to live in the moment like you explained. Finding the joy in the (seemingly) mundane and thinking about 'stuff'. Plus you get so much more done without online distractions!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your machine. A good excuse to start a new project if all you can do is piece! Hee hee... Have a great weekend!

The Muse of The Day said...

Spring is deffinetly here, and we have had the tornados to prove it. I like the idea of getting away to your inlaw's lake house in the middle of winter and not turning the Internet on - on purpose. That special time is what memories are made of. I enjoyed seeing all the photos. I will blow a little warmth in your direction when I look at all the daffodils as I drive past them on the country roads, here, in Tennessee. Carolina

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Sounds like you have a great plan on going on! Wish you fun filled sunny days soon :)