Thursday, March 22, 2012

pillow no. 2

pillow no. 2

The second pillow is finished! It is slightly bigger than the last one and I used the traditional block Night and Noon (instructions from this book - I have a German edition from 1998). I framed it with the dark brown cotton-linen blend in a log cabin style.

pillow centre

For the centre of the pillow I chose the building plan print for the large square. I love that little couple there taking a walk!

pillow corner

Again, I tried to highlight the pattern with quilting and quilted the corners in a stripey pattern becoming denser and then more sparse again. For the centre I chose a simple grid, since I thought it would go well with the technical nature of the print. I think it came out really nice! I don't love this one as much as the first one, but it's really pretty, nonetheless!


For the next one, I'm planning to make a version of this pillow, since I really liked the block design and the quilting. There also might be a bonus pillow in the works. I finished the A Step Down mini quilt top and J. said I should make a pillow cover instead of a mini quilt. He said it would get more use and appreciation that way and I think the man is right.

A Step Down, finished top

This is really making me smile! :-) I think I'll quilt it by hand in the same manner the mini was quilted in the book. Now I just have to think about the border (should I make a bound pillow or one with a border?) and the backing fabric. Also, I'm thinking about some Easter sewing. I got the March issue of Elle Interiör and among other things there's this really great palette inside. I just had to make a little stack of fabrics!

Easter fabric stack

I'm thinking Easter tablecloth or maybe some patchwork baskets? Or some drawstring bags using some of the great ribbon I ordered from Pink Chalk fabrics?

ribbon rainbow

Ah, the possibilities! :-) I hope I'll be able to show you something next week!

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Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I spy a sock monkey stepping down!

Love the two pillows, so nicely coordinated with both fabric and quilting. You are really set for spring now. Love the eggplant fabric bundle (you are very clever with purple. I just don't get that colour and combine it terribly - hence I rarely use it!). And those ribbons, man they are soooo gorgeous, I'm jealous. I need to think up an excuse to order something from Pink Chalk....what can I come up with?