Thursday, March 15, 2012

pillow no. 1

log cabin cushion

This week I finished the first of the new cushion covers for our sofa. I really wanted to try out the Recycled Cords Pillow pattern from Modern Log Cabin Quilting, so I added some more fabrics into the mix and this is the result. I really had fun trying out different fabric combinations and placements and the piecing couldn't have been more straightforward.

log cabin detail

The design is so simple yet so effective and now I really want to make more log cabin style blocks in the future! As you can see, I used a linen-cotton blend instead of corduroy, which looks really good as well, I think.

log cabin quilting detail

I quilted in the ditch around each row and then did some shadow quilting which is getting more dense in the outer border of the cushion. It's so lovely how quilting adds an additional layer of interest.

log cabin cushion corner

This is my favourite corner of the cover. Such nice fabrics and clever patterns. I already started the next cover and am going to annoy you with a little sneak peek:

cushion peek

Let's see how it will turn out! I'm really big on starting new projects instead of finishing old ones right now, so I also cut some fabric to make the A Step Down mini quilt from Quilting From Little Things.

mini WIP

I find myself buying (how does it happen?! ;-)) all this cutesy fabric and thought this would be a nice way to showcase the whimsical prints in my stash. Also, the minis in the book are a cool way to try out new sewing techniques. I'm really looking forward to try this step down piecing method!

Our place looks really nice right now. After my big spring clean, J. got the fever as well and while I was at work this weekend, he changed the soil of all our potted plants and put them in bigger containers. He even got these pretty pebble things to put on top of the soil! Is he a catch, or what?! :-)


I've got two days off and I think I'll spend them mostly sewing and re-watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Sherlock. Sounds like a good plan to me!


patchlisel said...

Your cushion cover ist really fantastic!!!!
I love the fabric and the color.

The Muse of The Day said...

I think it is more than fantastic! I am high-fiving you all the way from here for placing the map fabric in the center of the pillow. I think the whole thing turned out spectacular. I also agree, with you, that the quilting lines add another dimension to the beauty of the pillow. I am glad J. Did the repotting of the plants. Now that the inside of your home looks so awesome with that pillow, you can't go having the plants look any less the ready for guests to stop by. Believe me, Eva, if I lived over there, I would be popping by ... And I would be in awe of your skills as I admired your pillow. It really turned out unbelievably beautiful. Carolina

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

<3 LOVE! The colours go so well together, and the patterns - I get intimidated by patterns sometimes. How to combine them, sometimes they look so right (like yours) and sometimes it just looks like a hot mess. Tricky! I love the quilting too, it radiates out from the centre. I find as I go on I'm much more aware of 'mindful quilting' rather than 'oh I'll just follow the seam lines'. Looking forward to seeing the next one.
P.S. Is the dark border colour brown or a charcoal?