Friday, February 17, 2012

couldn't resist the Sparkle

Sparkle polaroid

What is it about me and quilt-alongs this year?! I just couldn't resist starting this little Mini version of the Sparkle quilt-along. It just screamed to be made up with some of the Loulouthi prints I have. (Psst ... there's a giveaway going on over there.) I really had fun making this little top, the pattern really is perfect for showcasing pretty fabric. I had to use the seam ripper on the first block, though, because I thought I could get away with not squaring up the HST squares. Of course, I couldn't.

squaring up

Just look at those little strips and you know that I was kidding myself, big time. Sometimes trying to cut corners just won't help, quite a paradox in this case ... Squaring up is really not my favourite thing to do, but one block at a time it wasn't so bad.

Sparkle centre

I finished the top today, it really was a fun little project and now I'm looking forward to putting the sandwich together and quilt it. This quilt size is perfect for me to practise my machine quilting!

Sparkle Mini top finished

Probably I'll bind it with the bold Clippings print seen in the bottom left corner. And probably it will become a wall hanging. Do you have good tips for hanging quilts?

One more thing: I can't resist to show you the Valentine's Card J. gave me:

Valentine Card for the sewist :-)

Isn't it cute? :-) It's by one of my favourite Finnish artists, Virpi Pekkala. There's not much info about her on the net, but there's a little facebook fan group where you can see more of her work. Her drawings are always so pretty and full of humour and little details. This one is called "Yhdessä on hyvä olla", meaning "It feels good to be together". Did you see the dog and cat under the quilt top?! I think I'll frame this one and hang it next to my sewing machine.

I wish you all a great weekend! :-)


The Muse of The Day said...

TOO cute - both the quilt top and the card! I love the way you showcased Anna Maria's rose. I think i could never get enough of roses, Valentine's day or not. When i lived in Chile, all the roses had an intense perfume. The one's they sell around here are more than a bit generic and uneventful. I did see some old shack last summer with a rambling rose bush- this summer, I am going to have to find out what it is and if it has a scent.You are right- the smaller projects really are great to learn and exercise your quilting knowledge on. You really do piece things together perfectly- your results look nothing like "practice". Keep going on all those quilt alongside, I think it is the right path to continue developing your skills. Tell your husband he picked the perfect card. Carolina

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I hate squaring HST - worst job ever! I should do them in batches like you, but I always seem to end up with them all at the end, waiting to be done. I'm glad you persevered though as this is a cute little block! The only advise I have for hanging is to consider what you want (hanging hoops or a long rod holder) before you back it, in case you need to incorporate it before you back/bind.
Love the Valentine too, so appropriate. It would make a really sweet addition to a wall! I have to say though if it was one of our cats, they wouldn't be sleeping, they'd be playing under there, probably putting holes in my fabric and ripping perfectly good seams!