Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, why is it that one is suddenly terribly productive when in fact one should be doing something entirely different? (No, don't answer that ...) Anyway, I've been busy procrastinating and finished my first HST Block of the Month. And what I found out is:

HST BoM January block

Yes, they are! I really had fun making this block using a technique new to me. I think the star pattern is really pretty and I'm really looking forward to whichever block Jeni will be presenting to us next month! Below you can see a close-up of the fabrics I used:

HST BoM January detail

The safety pins are Monaluna Sew Happy and the flowers Just Dandy by Josephine Kimberling. I don't have the selvedge of the aqua fabric anymore. I bought it a long time ago on sale here in Helsinki.

But this is not all. The baby quilt I am working on is now ready for having the binding sewn on by hand:

ready to finish the binding

I used a print from MoMo Just Wing It! for the binding and I think the purple really brings everything together nicely and provides a nice frame for the patchwork.

Also, I've cut the fabrics for my first Swoon block!

fabric for 1st Swoon block cut

It was really a close call! If you ever want to make this quilt and are using FQs, know that there's no wiggle room! But with sweat on my forehead and bated breath I managed to cut everything! Let's see how it'll come together! I chose to make an all solids Swoon, because I thought it might be more timeless. The coloured fabrics I use are all from a Moda Bella Solid FQ bundle (correction: it was an Amy Butler Quilting Solids bundle!!! Sorry!!!) I bought from Pink Chalk Fabrics last year. The white is Kona Snow.

Swoon fabrics

I think it'll be quite pretty. :-)

I'll leave you with a little mosaic of some lovely notions a good friend of mine sent me for my birthday:

lovely notions

Aren't they cute? I already used the pins, they're the perfect size for pinning binding to quilts. :-)

Maybe procrastination has its merits, after all ...


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Looks like you've been busy to me! And you're ahead with your HST block, awaiting the next one, so that's pretty good (I know, it's only the first block, but I seem to be behind on everything from the get-go these days!). Good job on the Swoon too, I'll be watching with interest.
Happy belated birthday! Those little apple buttons are just the cutest! I can so see them on one of your darling creations for little people. (I really like the pattern on the card they came on too.) x x

The Muse of The Day said...

There is a lot to take in on this post. Your block turned out beautifully, I am sure the Swoon quilt will be fun. I followed your link to Jeni's blog and got lost in her Pinterest links - wow what color. I loved it. Your vintage sewing finds are a great gift, does your friend who gave them to you blog as well? ... Thanks for posting ... It was great to have a slow Sunday morning hopping from one Pinterest link to another. I haven't done Pinterest, have you considered doing it? Enjoy what is left of your Sunday. Carolina

Debbie said...

Your Tangerine Tango quilt is very sweet - love the orange with the purple! And a solid Swoon?? Love it!!!