Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello, I'm back and it's 2012! :-) I hope you all had a good start into the new year! I was quite busy in the past few weeks, but Monday I was finally able to squeeze in some sewing!

quilt top in progress 2

A friend of mine had a little girl in December and I'm making a little quilt for her. Above you can see part of the top. I used this flannel fabric as a backing and pulled fabrics to match from my stash. I decided on a simple square patchwork design. The squares are 10 cm plus seam allowance and the top is 9 times 8 squares. I'm hand-quilting it with light pink embroidery floss. I think it's going to be pretty. While I was cutting and sewing, I was thinking how cutting up fabric and sewing it back together really is a strange thing. Somehow crazy, even. However, the shuffling and re-connecting of the fabrics has some kind of magic to it, or at least it must be something like alchemy. Mixed up together the fabrics are even more beautiful than all on their own. What do you think?

Like everyone else, I was looking back on the past year and decided to make a mosaic of everything I finished last year.

finished projects 2011

This is what I found from my flickr account. Is this really all? Mmmmh ... Of course, there are some unfinished projects lurking around here, as well. Somehow, though, I thought I had sewn more. I'm really happy about all the things I made and about the creative outlet sewing provides me, but one thing is sure, I bought more fabric last year than I used up ...! I really hope I'll manage to sew more this year!

As for other crafty plans, I would like to take part in two sew-alongs. Firstly, the swoon-along and secondly the HST Block of the Month sew-along over at In Color Order. I bought the Swoon pattern last year and I've also got my fabrics picked out already, so this sew-along is coming at a perfect time for me! Also, I love sampler quilts and I think the slow pace of making one block per month is really appealing, so I decided to take part in the HST sew-along, too.
So, big goals, but most importantly I want to keep on having fun sewing and writing about it here! Do you have any crafting goals or projects that you are really excited to start?


The Muse of The Day said...

Ok I get the block of the month thing - your in and out in a jiffy with quite a bit more knowledge up your sleeve. I think you will enjoy that. One block a month, you can do it. A bit of me, maybe a pinky toes worth is curious and I am debating wether I should join you in this challenge. My problem is that I am SWOONING - Eva that Swoon quilt is gorgeous. Neither you nor I has the time to do it... but it does make me swoon. I can just picture the colors. I really, really, did not need to know that this challenge existed as I am trying desperately to narrow down my own challenges for 2012 so I don't convince everyone that I am, in fact, totally crazy. Mmm. Now what do I do? Narrowing things down is not my forte. I get overly enthusiastic and end up way over my head. I have to go think. Carolina

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Alchemy or value adding - I don't know what you'd call it I only know that like you I have to keep doing it! I think you've got a great mosaic there - and a real variety of things too (mine's a bit quilt heavy), it's so interesting. Of course, you know which one is my favourite!
Good luck with your sew-alongs - I adore the Swoon pattern too, it's so clever and I love the way the blocks are so big, theoretically it should come together fairly quickly, yes? Hmm, theoretically. Are you going to make it Queen bed sized? And the HST should be fun. I'm just about to sew a bunch of HST for a Chasing Chevrons quilt (Jenny from That girl...that quilt's quilt-along), so yay for HST.
Love the current WIP - I think the colours are great (all that value adding) and I love that you have embraced the Tangerine (Panatone Colour of the Year). You're such a trend setter! And love the choice of backing material, those flannels of hers are just so beautiful and soft, perfect for baby quilts. Jeez, I've rambled on. Sorry! Happy sewing!