Thursday, October 13, 2011



Today I finished the napkins from the Color Blocks Placemats + Napkins Sew-Along. I made a mistake when cutting, so I had to piece in the little squares in one corner. I think they look quite cute, this way, too.


For the backing, I used a print from Loulouthi, because I didn't have enough of my contrast fabric. The big print gives the reverse side some more interest, I think.


I really like the combination of fabrics with our tableware. This project really is a lot of fun, I think I'll make some more napkins some time in the future! It's so nice to have something new and pretty for our house. :-)



The Muse of The Day said...

Eva- I actually prefer the napkins to have the little square in the corner. I think it looks like it should have been that way from the beginning. They turned out really well. I know that good feeling one gets when we get to use something pretty we have made. I have the book written by the Oh, Fransson person, I think I will pull it out today and give it another look. I love to see your projects, and as always : your finishing details are exquisite. Carolina

Rachel Hauser said...

Those are fab napkins. I love the fabrics you've used.