Friday, October 21, 2011


Baby in the Hood hoodie

Since it now safely arrived at its destination, I can show you the little hoodie I made for Kirsty's little boy. It's made from the Baby in the Hood pattern in Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. It was really fun to make and to choose the fabrics to go together in this item. For the lining I chose flannel, because it's getting colder now and also because it's so cute for babies, I think. Also, it is what Anna Maria Horner used for the jacket in the book. Fortunately, I had enough of this Folksy Flannel print to make the lining. I think it's such a nice detail and flash of colour in this garment.


The main fabric is Cloud9 Flannel, which is relatively stiff and brushed on the wrong side, so I thought it is a good weight for this kind of jacket. For the contrast fabric of the hood stripe and button placket I wanted something REALLY boyish, so I chose this Caleb Gray Suburbia tools print. To avoid that the jacket exteriour should become too uniform or boring, I decided to topstitch the seams in a contrasting thread. I used buttonhole thread, which is a big stronger, to further give the jacket an "utility" vibe.

hoodie buttons

The metal buttons also underline that boyish feel and the aqua button loops tie everything together really nicely. It took me some time to decide on a fabric here, but then I ended up choosing this Innocent Crush Bubble Burst print.

This was really a fun and very clear pattern to work with. I'd like to make a girly version for our niece some time and see how different fabric choices affect the design!

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Kirsty@Bonjour said...

And oh my goodness is it gorgeous! The little fellow has been wearing it out now that we are getting colder weather and it fits him perfectly. The colours are all so wonderful - and I had no idea that was the Cloud9 flannel you'd been telling me about earlier. Agree it isn't good for pyjamas, but does very well for jackets! You are such a clever seamstress and I love it dearly. Thank you!