Monday, September 12, 2011

slow going

Sorry it took me so long again! It has been slow going when it comes to craftiness around here. There was work and then there were craft botch-ups ... I have several different projects on my mind, in several different stages of completion. The only finished item I can show you for now is this hot water bottle cover I made:


I was looking for a small project to try out and practise machine quilting and this seemed perfect. The pattern is from Cath Kidston's Sew. I used some Folksy Flannels leftovers and I think it's really quite cute!Link


The cover that originally came with the bottle was already suffering from some pilling and really wasn't nice anymore, so this was a fun and practical project. The only cursing took place when I made the button loop ... Fiddly stuff!


Other than this, I've been sewing a little dress and I'm not really happy with how it's turning out.


I think the fabric is wrong, somehow. I took the pattern from an Ottobre magazine and I think I should have gone with a fabric that's less stiff and more fluid, so the pleats would fall more nicely. Maybe the fabric's pattern is too big for this project, too. Also, I took a shortcut by not wanting to bother with buying matching thread for the teal fabric.


Cream on teal just doesn't work! I think I will pick the topstitching apart and sew it again with matching thread. Hopefully, that will reconcile me enough with this project to finish it!

I'm also sewing some other small things and I've been slowly stitching away at the Daisychain sampler. Also, this pile is on my mind:


I'm thinking little girly quilt, but I'm not really decided on the design, yet. I hope crafting will pick up speed around here, again, so I can show you some progress!