Monday, June 27, 2011

folksy girl's tunic

girl's tunic front

This little tunic was a birthday gift for our little niece. Since I got the Hideaway fabric, I knew I wanted to pair it up with the Westfalenstoffe print to make something cute for her to wear.

tunic hem border

I like how both prints are kind of folksy and retro and really cheerful. I wanted the garment to have a retro feel as well, so I settled on a tunic style with a big pocket, like I've seen children in old photographs wear.

tunic rick-rack trimmed pocket

The pocket opening is trimmed with rick-rack to amp up the cuteness even more. I didn't find a pattern I liked for this project, so I made it myself using a basic children's top sloper. I was a bit afraid I didn't make the neck opening big enough, but it turns out it fits fine. Phew!

tunic back

I bound the neck- and arm openings with bias tape and used the button loop technique for the closure.

tunic button closure

This was a fun project and it turned out just as I hoped! The fabrics are so cheerful, just the right thing for summer!

hideaway fabric, detail


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

OMG, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Such perfect pairing of materials, and retro-licious!
I wish my baby was a girl!! The ricrak and your attention to detail - just wonderful. I bet her folks loved it.

The Muse of The Day said...

Like Kirsty said - Retro-licious!!!
I too love the pocket, both the size of it and the ric-rac trim. You should make an adult one to wear with jeans. You are so talented Eva. Your eye for color and pattern coupled with your attention to detail really is a gift. I hope to see many more outfits like this one. Before I go, I had this "crazy" idea pop into my head when I saw your little dress. For some reason I imagined a huge Christmas tree with all these little cute dresses hanging on it like ornaments. Wouldn't it be great to see that vision come to reality? If you ever open your own store you should do that at Christmas time. If you ever do that, I will fly over to see it. Carolina

I'll Take The Scenic Route said...

It has been almost two months since you last posted, I am getting worried. Is everything all right? I hope so. I am hoping you have been just too busy to post - that would be a good thing. Carolina