Thursday, May 19, 2011

Craft ADD continues ...

It seems like I can't concentrate on just one or even two projects right now ...

Spring progress

I'm working on the Spring dolly quilt when I want some slow sewing in front of the TV. Above you can see the layout I tried out before starting to appliqué the green spiral. But I have so many ideas right now (and amassed so much fabric ...), that I can't help but start other projects as ideas spring to mind.

habitat patchwork detail

Like this Habitat quilt I started. I wanted a design that really showcases my favourite fabrics of the line, the two fabrics in the centre. So I decided to try my hand at "quilt design" and just go with what feels right. The original plan was to sew the half-square triangle border right onto the centre panels without the solid in between, but boy, do I suck at math! I really miscalculated the size a square had to be for rotary cutting before cutting the triangles, so I put in the border to make up for my mistake. Maybe it was for the better, it looks quite nice.

habitat patchwork

Still missing one side ... Please don't look too closely at my sloppy piecing ... :-P For the next border I'm thinking along the lines of the pixeled print in blue. I would like the finished quilt to have quite a "fluid" feel, so I think the same print but in a contrasting colour would support that idea. What do you think?

the next border?

As for the third project going on around here right now ... I promised to make an outfit for a friend of mine and it is quite a big project and I'm not sure if I didn't take on a bit much ... Not only in terms of the work amount but also regarding trickiness ... Alongside work I really can handle only small doses of trickiness ... Well, of course I started with the easiest part of the outfit, a bolero and fortunately it came together quite quickly!


I drafted the pattern myself from a basic pattern and hemmed the borders and sleeve ruffles with the serger's rolled hem stitch.

bolero detail rolled hem

I think for this kind of thin and slippery fabric that is really the best and easiest option and it actually also looks quite nice. So now I'm trying to motivate myself to continue with the skirt ... I unpicked the invisible zipper about 5 times yesterday ... Wish me luck!!!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I can't believe you drafted the pattern - that is amazing! I wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do to change a pattern, I'm still a little frightened by garment sewing! Loving the habitat piecing, I have been umming and ahhing a bit over some of the fabrics in that line, it will be great to see what you come up with!

The Muse of The Day said...

I don't want you to think for a single second that just because most of my comment, here, will be about the bolero, that I am not in awe of the appliqué project you've taken on or am not tickled by the fabric choices on your quilt. I have to say, though, the bolero top is A-W-E-S-O-M-E (say that word in a high pitched voice because that is the way I said it when I saw the bolero top). I think the bolero top shape is underused in fashion. I don't know why. It is super comfortable and makes women look so feminine when they wear that style. Like Kirsty, I , too, can't believe you drafted the pattern all by yourself and it turned out so beautifully ( I am, at this moment, bowing to you). You should make a wedding dress with a bolero jacket - find a bride to be and pitch the idea to her. Last but not least, I like the concept of having lots of different projects going on at the same time, it gives us the "break" from our projects to reflect. Keep going. Thanks for sharing all of them. Carolina