Friday, April 8, 2011

fabric love

This week has been going by so quickly again! I'm working on the Alice quilt binding, but haven't been making a sufficient amount of progress to merit taking pics ... We've been having some dreary weather here, so I'm cheering myself up with fabric (I might even have ordered some new fabric ... I think I'll have to put an embargo on myself ... Did that ever work for any of you?!).


I love this Hideaway print paired with the classic Westfalenstoffe print. It's such a folksy and happy combination. I'm thinking about making a little tunic out of these.


Another combo that would make a cute item of clothing for a little girl. The top print is Alexander Henry June Blooms, the other is Mod Dot.

mixed spring pile

This springtime pile consists of Kumari Garden Sacha, Innocent Crush Bubble Burst and a Bliss print. Fabric companies: if you want me to buy your stuff, just keep producing fabrics combining turquoise and green ... ;-)

habitat pile

I think this Habitat pile will turn into the next project for myself. I'd like to make a Jane Market Bag out of these. Have you seen the finalists of the Modern Madness on the Fat Quarterly blog? What a though one! I love both collections, they're so versatile and pretty. How about you?

With these bright fabrics and a video about another (even worse, if possible) fabric horder than me, I'd like to wish you a happy weekend! I hope I'll get some real sewing vs. dream sewing done!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I have SUCH a problem with fabric. My son tells me regularly that I am addicted, in a very sombre voice (as we often warn of the dangers of alcohol and cigarettes, scary he considers my fabric love in the same vein!). It is even harder to resist now that the Aussie dollar is so strong against the green back and all these people keep having babies that need to be sewn for. Anyway, I always tell myself it's cheaper than heroin.
I would so love to see a tunic in those materials, it's been a while since you've done clothes - the last one was that gorgeous AMH voile top wasn't it?
Happy sewing this weekend, hope you get some of our weather your way.

The Muse of The Day said...

Can't wait for the tunic- the fabrics are perfect. I loved seeing the video. The guys ridiculous stash of fabric he had hoarded immediately gave me a sense of relief. Mine is not that bad...yet. I think it would be awesome to design fabric and then get to see how other people have used the fabric to make something of their very own. I hope a little sunshine comes your way. I always feel that Spring is harder to take than Winter. Spring feels like a tease interspersed with wet, dreary days - the kind of illness that only shopping for colorful fabrics could cure. .. Carolina