Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mojo and Moaning

I'm still waiting for the materials for the Alice quilt and also for my mojo to return. Anyway, I should be doing something else than sewing, namely writing thank-you-cards for our wedding. Yes, I know ... We're VERY late! Our pictures FINALLY arrived last week, our photographer has been in and out of hospital and we had to wait quite some time for them. I bought baby pink and lime-green envelopes and small lime-green postcards to glue them on. This long and cold winter made me go for a springtime theme. I'm not sure about the lime coloured cards in retrospect, they give our faces in the black-and-white photographs a nice greenish tinge ... :-P

Also the stamps are going with the hopeful spring theme.

And look at the flowers J. got me for Valentine's! A perfect match! :-) These really cheer me up! I have to say that I'm feeling like this a lot lately:

At least it has been sunny the last couple of weeks, but still, I feel like this winter has been lasting forever! It's not all bad, though. Here are some pics I took on a walk we took to Seurasaari open-air museum last Sunday:

The bridge leading to the Seurasaari island. You can see people skiing and walking on the frozen sea.

A view from the bridge.

A typical traditional Finnish fence.

The roof of one of the houses re-built on Seurasaari.


There used to be Dutch-style windmills in 19th century rural Finland, too.

A neo-gothic summer garden house.

We took a shortcut over the ice to Hietaniemi.

The Prime Minister's residence Kesäranta ("summer shore").

So, I guess I should watch Groundhog Day, write the cards and think about the positive sides of winter!!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Love the colours of your thank you cards. They'd make a great quilt, don't you think ;)

Thanks for the Finland photos - I love seeing pictures of where you are living, and I am very jealous of your snow. Love that one with the slab of snow on the phone booth, very funny!

Good luck writing, hopefully you will find your mojo underneath them all!

The Muse of The Day said...

Well, Eva, seeing your "new" blog was like getting a valentine card from you. I love the new banner and I was over the moon with your photographs of Finland. Getting a new banner, lots of pictures, and even a little film clip was a real treat. Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you, Carolina! :-) I'm glad you like the "new look"! I got a bit tired of the old one, even though it looked nice. I wanted something a bit lighter and a personalized banner. I really should take more pics of Helsinki and post them here, I like to see where everyone else is living myself. :-) I'm glad my being fed up with winter has led to a post that cheers other up! :-) :-D