Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interiour Inspiration

Since it's still too cold around here to be outside much, I've been mostly pottering around at home during my free time. Reading blogs, library books, drinking tea and watching sentimental movies (like this and this, love both of them!)

And, since I don't have much else to show for my time, I thought I'd share some of the great stuff that inspired me this week.

First, there was this post on decor8 about little decorating projects for the home that can be achieved easily and mostly without any cost, simply by arranging and re-arranging little corners of one's home. My favourite of the 20 inspirational pics was number 5 and you can see my (by far not as great as the original) version above.

Another favourite on the net this week has been this post. Such beautiful pictures and such a great and simple project. And you really don't need a messy baby to justify making one! ;-)

I was really lucky at the library to find three great books on decorating, all in tune with the simple and thrifty philosophy expressed in the decor8 post.

The first one is by Emily Chalmers. I love all the books she collaborated on with Ali Hanan and Debi Treloar I've read so far. Cheap Chic is really inspiring and gives a lot of ideas to transform one's home with simple projects and ideas.

A pot of paint can make all the difference.

Bored with your bookshelf? Sort by colour.

Why not make your fabric collection a feature of your home?

Make the most of your pretty tableware and beautiful packaging.

Nail a favourite print on a frame for instant and unusual artwork.

The second book I borrowed is Thrifty Chic by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell. The photographs by Simon Brown are beautiful. This book is giving ideas and instructions how to create beautiful interiours room by room.

A lot of them are low or no-cost, like this pretty display of pebbles.

Or this cheerful flower arrangement.

Or how about the collection of bottles to decorate a window?

Why not display your button collection in an unusual but practical way?

Last but not least I borrowed a book recently published in Finnish. It was originally published by the makers of VT Wonen magazine from The Netherlands.

The Finnish title means "enjoy your home". The book is full of pretty photographs, tips about decorating, floor plans and colour palettes. And how gorgeous is that cover?!

A simple yet immensely effective colour scheme.

A laid-back but festive table setting for a birthday party.

I hope you liked my little tour of the things that have been keeping me smiling this week! I'll leave you with a little clip (with English subtitles) from Finnish comedy series Studio Julmahuvi capturing the Finnish Soul during winter.

Business as usual ... ;-)


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Love that clean Scandinavian look with bursts of colour. I have too many children to pull it off! Some great ideas there, wish they still sold milk in glass bottles here.
Love the video, my favourite part is the look on the dog's face while the guy is crying into his neck. Bring on spring, hey?

The Muse of The Day said...

Thank you, Eva. The little movie is the perfect way to begin what promises to be a long day. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the flowers in the can are beautiful. Do you paint? If you do, why not try painting the flowers in the can? I think I am going to try and buy flowers this week, perhaps it will help Lady Spring get "off her duff" and make a show around here a bit sooner. Have a great day and thanks again for giving me a great way to start mine. Carolina

fialka012 said...

Krásné květy...