Monday, February 7, 2011

Candy Store progress

tape measure

The sewing won on Friday and I finished the Candy Store quilt top! (Has there ever been a more perfect tape measure/project match, by the way? I got this one as a gift from a friend of mine last year. :-))

Candy Store top

I only used four blocks of the Alice fabric, because I wanted to keep it simple. The centre diamonds are going to be embroidered with different motifs, so I thought it's nicer to keep the whimsy to a minimum.

Alice and Sparrow detail

Sweet little sparrow. There a sparrows nesting under the roof of my father's house every year. They are so beautiful.

Alice and Rabbit detail

Alice and the Rabbit.

King detail

King and guard.

Alice and Cat detail

Alice and Chesire Cat.

Candy Store border detail

I decided against the Westfalenstoffe fabric for the border and went with this toned down black and white one. I think it provides a better frame for the fabrics used.

Candy Store detail

I love the little details in the fabrics. Lots to spy for a little one. And big ones, too ...

birdie detail

Now I have to draw up the motifs for the centre diamond panels. I will use the fabrics as inspiration for these. I'm waiting for the backing fabric and batting to arrive, so there's time to plan the drawings. This should be fun!


The Muse of The Day said...


This is awesome. The contrast will keep a baby mesmerized for quite some time. You really did a nice job with it, Eva. Are you planing on doing embroidery on the white diamonds? Is that what you mean by drawing up the motifs?
I can't believe you had such a productive Friday - I love those kinds of days. Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you, Carolina! Yes, it really feels good to get this kind of progress during a day!But I had all the squares and triangles already cut out, so it was relatively smooth sewing.

The original design has hand-quilting in simple shapes in the diamond blocks. So I thought I'd try that, too, only with an Alice theme ... Let's see, I really am not a pro at quilting ...

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Fantastic!! I love the idea of hand quilting the diamonds - that will look so amazing. That is such a cool colour combo too, really bold and visually stimulating for a little one. Perfect gift for a new godchild!