Thursday, January 20, 2011

simple baby blanket

I put the apron project on hold, because friends of ours became parents of their second daughter last weekend. I wanted to make something small for her and decided to make a flannel blanket. I still had some Folksy Flannel fabric and after some thinking and playing went for the option of using 3 fat quarters in a girly pink colourway. My first idea was to cut the fabric into smaller pieces, but when I had cut the fabric in 25 cm strips I changed my mind. I used three of the strips as they were, so the patterns could really shine and to avoid the design from becoming to busy. I shortened the remaining three strips by 5 cm and then cut them in half horizontally.

I decided on the layout you can see here, with the strongest colourway in the middle and the smaller pieces of the same fabric forming a diagonal line.

The "filling" is simple cotton flannel and the backing a hot pink cotton. When piecing the front I used 1 cm seam allowance, because the flannel is rather thick. The finished blanket measures 71 cm x 76 cm.

After piecing the top, I made the sandwich, turned and ironed and then stitched all around the edges, using my machine's foot as a guide. Then I simply stitched in the ditches of the patchwork pieces.

The blanket is really cheerful and pretty, perfect for a baby girl born in dark and grey January. And it's cozy. This one makes me want my own adult-sized flannel blanket for snuggling up in front of the TV or with a good book. (I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, for some reason I always feel like reading the series in winter when it's especially gloomy outside.)

This is my favourite detail of the Coloring Garden print. Gooseberries are my favourite berries. Everybody goes crazy over strawberries, but I'd take gooseberries over them anytime. They're sour and sweet and pretty. Their colour is beautiful and they remind me of my childhood summers in rural Germany.

Can you tell I'm done with winter for now?! ;-)


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Her flannels are so gorgeous, aren't they? I have been meaning to ask you where you get your plain flannel that you use as batting/filling for your quilts. Do you buy it off the roll in a sewing shop or do you order it online?
I went into a material shop here and asked for their flannel but it was very dense and crisp, not at all like the nice soft flannel for bedding and pyjamas. I'm wondering if you have a good European supplier???

The Muse of The Day said...

I have the exact same fabrics sitting amongst my stash. The colors are awesome - I am sure the baby will be more grateful than anyone else even if she can't quite verbalize it yet. You will know it, though when you see her in 5 more years and that blanket is all worn out. Awesome! Carolina