Wednesday, June 30, 2010

simple sewing

Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most satisfying.

I made these coasters from Folksy Flannel and a tie dyed cotton I dyed at school. I followed the measurements and instructions in this inspiring book, except that I skipped the facing and binding. The flannel is, for my taste at least, thick enough without adding facing.

I had a fat quarter of the flannel and made six coasters and there's still a nice bit of the quarter left. Enough to make three more with some fabric to spare.

I'm really happy about this project! It felt good and liberating to make something so simple which will also hopefully get a lot of use. (Using a coaster right now! ;-)) My head is spinning with inspiration and ideas right now, but somehow none of them is cooked up well enough to embark on a larger project, yet. So it's good to get at least some small sewing out of my system!

Monday, June 28, 2010

This weekend ...

... we, among other things, ...

  • picked pretty flowers (and then took pictures of them ...)
  • celebrated midsummer
  • watched it rain
  • doodled
  • cuddled our cute little niece
  • found a cool 1950ies cookbook

  • had a picnic
  • read a lot
  • had a barbecue
  • ate strawberries
  • went to the sauna
  • took naps
  • ate salty liquorice ice cream
  • :-) !!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Daisy Dress

I made this dress for my fiancé's niece, who was born a little more than a week ago. Since her wardrobe is already well-stocked with newborn size clothes, I decided to make a size that will fit her later on.

This is the first children's pattern I designed myself and I'm pretty excited to see how it will wear and of course how it will look when worn by an adorable little one! But since the dress turned out quite big, I guess I'll have to wait for that a little while ...

I used fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks collection and the fabrics themselves plus the amount available to me influenced the design for this dress to some extent. First, I wanted to make the dress solely from the green fabric, but it turned out that I didn't have enough to make this size. Then I decided to make the skirt from the voile, but a single layer was a bit sheer for my taste, especially since I can't be sure that it can be worn already during summer, so I added a second layer in a different length.

After that, I thought the dress was in need of a bit more whimsy, so I added the ruffle trimmings to the layered skirts, which at the same time balance the top and bottom using the green fabric. I'd have preferred to make the bodice lining from the voile, but I didn't have enough left. So I used a neutral cotton fabric.

My initial idea was to use snap closures on the bodice for convenient dressing, but when I saw the finished dress, I thought those would have been a bit bland. So I went looking for buttons and found the perfect ones.

These mother-of-pearl buttons are the ideal colour, shape and size for this dress! I'm so happy I found them! I love how the edge of the flower shape echoes the Pastry Line pattern on the Dobby Dot fabric!

My grandmother sent me this daisy lady with a letter in Spring. I think she goes well with the spirit and colours of the dress. I'm really happy with how the dress turned out and hope that it will be pretty and comfortable when worn!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday was Graduation Day and I am now officially a dressmaker, certificate and all! It still feels a little unreal that school is over and that those two years went by so quickly! I guess, I'll need some days for it to sink in.

In Finland it's the custom to give students a rose when they graduate. Mine got crushed in the car door on the way home, which shows how nervous I still was ... Well, I tried to make the best of it by arranging the petals in a vase.

Actually it looks really pretty like this as well! :-)