Thursday, December 23, 2010

cookies, tea towels and lights

Yay! I made some Christmas Cookies! I don't know when was the last time I made some. J. isn't that big on sweets and I usually go straight for pure chocolate ...

These are the Christmas Chocolate biscuits from Nigella Christmas and I used Dr. Oetker sprinkles. The look really pretty in their clumsy way and taste great!

I also did some last-minute sewing. This is another tea towel with machine-appliquéd hearts. The idea and heart pattern comes from Cath Kidston's Sew! (I just looked at the Cath Kidston homepage and how cute are these candles?!)

I like the combination of the plaid and the two prints. Really pretty! Christmassy, but not too much so, so it can be used all year round - I hope.

It's been quite busy around here, but as you can see, I'm trying to cram in all I can before the Season is over!!! Yesterday we finally got around to decorating the tree.

I wish you all a very festive Season, Happy Holidays and all the best for you and your loved ones!


The Muse of The Day said...

We also just finished making cookies - it's a lot of work to get to the point when the clean up is done. Don't you think? Your cookies look super tasty. It wouldn't be Christmas without homemade cookies. Your tea towel looks great too. I absolutely adore the combination of the patterns on the hearts against the tea towel's lines. Merry Christmas Eva. I hope the little elves don't eat all your cookies. Carolina

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

It all looks beautiful, Eva - the tree, the towels and especially the cookies. Yummo! Have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Eva said...

Thank you, you two! :-)

Yep, Carolina, making cookies is a big mess!! I totally agree! :-D But if the cookies are tasty, it's worth it!

Have a wonderful Boxing Day! :-)