Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mrs. Tease

So here I am, back in the internets! I'm sorry for being such a tease, and I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for a little bit longer to see pictures of the dress! Sorry!!!!!! As you can imagine, being the bride and all, I didn't really have the chance (nor was it the foremost thing on my mind) to take pictures of the dress, so I'm waiting for our friends' and family's pics to slowly arrive here to see if there's a good pic in there for you!

In the meantime, I'm hoping to be able to appease you a little with pictures of the beautiful decorations my grandma made for the dinner we had after our civil service ceremony.

In Germany it's obligatory to have a civil service ceremony, a church ceremony isn't possible without the marriage certificate from the magistrate. So, if you intend to have a church wedding in Germany, prepare for two ceremonies!

The civil service ceremony was held in a tiny old church that is nowadays owned by the magistrate and it was really beautiful. Only our closest family plus my maid of honour's family were present. In the evening we had dinner at my father's house, and my cousins and their families joined us there. We were 23 people and had a really nice time with rustic food from my home region. My aunt, grandma, cousins and uncle helped us prepare the food and the decorations for the evening. The room you can see there used to be a pub, my family had a little pub business until 17 years ago.

I'm really glad I took these pictures! My grandma really did such an amazing job!

Hope to be back soon with more pics!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

You ARE a tease! Lovely arrangements for the table - very seasonal too, with the corn and gourds. She did a great job!

The Muse of The Day said...

The table DOES look beautiful, but the teasing ... shame on you. Call up those friends and tell them to load the pictures of the dress directly to your blog. Let them know you have people waiting for those pictures on the other side of the planet. Worse case scenario - stop eating and get the dress back on before it no longer fits, get that husband of yours to take some photos - inform him that "your peeps" are impatient people but that they DO deserve to see the dress ASAP.

Thirza said...

That looks so lovely! It makes it so personal, rather than the 'I got that from page 16 in the hotel brochure'! I am trying to find out what you had for diner! Did you post that anywhere?

Eva said...

Thank you Thirza! :-) We had different foods from my home region like warm potato salad, savoury onion cake, different smoked sausages, "Leberkäse", noodle salad, bread and stinky "Handkäse" cheese and so on ... For dessert we had homemade cakes like apple cake, butter cream cake and Schwarzwälder Kirsch cake. It was really a great feast!