Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fabric escapism

After I made this for my friend, I wanted a wristlet for myself and I came up with this. Since J. and I got engaged and spent our honeymoon in Paris I'm a sucker for all those whimsical Paris-themed fabrics out there. The one I used here is a linen print by Kokka.

I decided to stick to the colours of the tricolore and use scraps from my stash with this print that have a vintage or rustic feel. I love that mock cross-stitch print in the top left corner! It's from the Sew It Book Collection by Red Rooster. I'm newly interested in cross-stitch and embroidery, not least because of Alicia Paulson's amazing new book.

As you can see in the pictures, it's winter here, although people are still officially talking about "autumn". It's great that it snowed, because of the snow it's not as dark as it would be otherwise. What better antidote to the darkness and cold than pretty fabrics, some sewing and daydreaming of Paris?!

The handy inside pockets are really cute. I love that blue flower print as well. A late friend of my grandmother's gave me a lot of her patchwork supplies and fabric scraps some years ago. She was a great fan of the colour blue and the scraps are all very lovely and old-fashioned in the best sense. It's strange and wonderful to think how fabrics and sewing can connect people in a unique way. I didn't really meet this woman very often or know her very well, but she knew I was interested in patchwork and that was enough for her to be so generous. Now her fabrics are a part of my little projects and they make me think of her.


The Muse of The Day said...

This one turned out great too, Eva. The red zig-zag stitch really finishes it off well. Now your little "Paris" bag can go with you, on your wrist, in a larger bag, or in your suitcase. It will always remind you of a good memory: your honey moon. I saw Alicia's book too. I have so many stitching books already, and yet I still had to work vey hard to leave the bookstore without her new book. Love your bag, Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you, Carolina! It's nice to do some small sewing and play with fabrics. I like the zig-zag stitch as well. And you are right, it's nice to carry good memories with this little bag. :-)