Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dress

So my cousin and my father-in-law came to the rescue and here are some pics of the dress! Sorry, there is only one a bit poor picture of the whole length, but at least the picture shows you the nice weather we had ...! ;-)

My good friend and namesake Eva made me jewelry for the wedding. I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me for customizing it into hair ornaments! (Bridezilla alert!!!)

More facts about the dress: the pattern is from Burda magazine 4/2009 and I used 3.8 metres of polyester duchesse satin and 90 cm of guipure lace. Plus 3.15 metres of viscose lining and an 60 cm invisible zipper. And thread, of course.

My biggest concerns regarding making the dress were the slippery nature of the satin, the sewing of the lace and the invisible zipper. The satin was easier to sew than expected. I had a sufficient amount of notches and also pinned the pieces together at critical points for more precise construction. The problem I had with the fabric was more linked to ironing, my puny household iron wasn't able to open the seams at the required low temperature, so I decided to invest in having it ironed at the dry cleaners, who did a great job.

The lace was also easier to handle than expected. I found that all you have to do is to fearlessly sew across the "empty spaces" and you'll be fine. I finished the seam allowances of the lace with a narrow zig-zag stitch.

The invisible zipper is always a bit of a challenge and I was afraid the satin would make it even more fiddly to insert. So I decided to prepare for it extra carefully. What I did was hand-baste along the centre back seamline and then iron it to the wrong side. Like that you can easily see the line along which the zipper is supposed to be sewn. Also, I ironed the zipper from the wrong side. Like this, the "ditch" you have to sew in to precisely insert the zipper is becoming more pronounced and the zipper application is a bit easier. Attaching the zipper I used the invisible zipper foot of my machine. Other things that help with zipper application are basting or pinning. With invisible zippers I prefer basting. Here's a video I found about this topic. If the zipper foot compatible with your machine looks like the one in the video, you're in luck! We had the same kind in school, but the one belonging to my machine is much more fiddly.

Here's what the dress looked like in the magazine. In this picture you can see the hem, which I think is really pretty. I also can tell you why the models have placed their hands in front of the photostory bride's belly: SERIOUS Bridget-Jones-style underpinnings required. No, not the ones with the leopard print ...

There's some more wedding-related things I wanted to show you. First, the bouquet, which turned out exactly the way I had imagined it:

It was so beautiful! My grandmother had it dried and now it's in Germany decorating the guest bedroom.

Here's J.'s matching lapel corsage:

AND: the amazing wedding cake my mother's friends made:

It was three-tiered and very yummy!

Thank you for your patience and excuse me for taking so long with this!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


The Muse of The Day said...

You are officially EXCUSED for taking so long. It was worth the wait. The dress is BEAUTIFUL, the bouquet is stunning, and YOU are absolutely a CLASSIC beauty.
I just saw that you had left me a message while I play Biology and Math teacher to my girls. I saw the ping on the screen from across the room - I knew you had to have just put the dress up ... and WOW you really did it right. It made me want to get married all over again. Please thank your cousin and your father in law on my behalf. I will be back later on today once "school gets out". I need to look at it all a bit longer. One word for the post? Magical. Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you so much, Carolina!!! (*blushing*) Have a good day teaching! :-)

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Oh Eva, you look soooo beautiful. That dress, I cannot believe you made it - I would not have the guts (let alone the skills) to do it - it looks just divine. I really love the lace, the scalloped edges, so lovely. And I agree with Carolina, you looked stunning. I really liked how you used the cabochon jewelry too, great idea.

I wish I'd thought to dry my wedding bouquet. Bit silly really. My mum did keep the top layer of our wedding cake (apparently there is a tradition that you are supposed to eat the top layer on your first wedding anniversary). She sent a piece to me in the mail (I lived in the tropics), it didn't turn out so well. The apartment complex's mailbox was overwhelmed with ants - I just acted dumb when everyone asked what might have caused it. I thought it was sweet that she still tried to keep the tradition even though I was living a thousand kilometres away!

So glad you had a wonderful day, it looked fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

The Muse of The Day said...

I am back, I don't know if it is the picture of the cake or the fact that it is almost time to make dinner, but the ONLY thing I feel like eating is that wedding cake of yours. I like how the color of the two toned roses in your bouquet show up in the frosting of the cake. As far as the sewing of the dress goes, I never even thought about the sewing of the empty spaces in the lace. I have a tendency to believe I am smarter than I actually am. I would have arrived at the point of sewing the lace and had a big Uh-Oh moment. Seeing your exquisite handmade wedding dress reminds me of the movie "Bright Star". Have you seen that movie? Whenever my husband is away on business, I watch that movie. It makes me want to go right back into the studio and sew something that needs every stitch to be perfect. I think, Eva, you would have regretted wearing a store bought, off-the-rack dress. I speak from experience, here. I am sure your grandmother had tears in her eyes when she saw just how beautiful you looked in that dress, and in her heart she was beaming with pride to know that her granddaughter had made it herself. I often wonder if making dresses for someone else's most special day is the way to go in life. I am glad you posted it and shared it with us. I am well aware that we don't "know" each other, but I am also well aware that just by sharing it with me I get the benefit of a little extra daydreaming in a day that would otherwise be filled with just the ordinary. Thanks, Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you Carolina! Your comment really means a lot to me! We really had a beautiful wedding day and being able to share a bit of that feels really good. :-)

About the cake, I thought the same! My mother's friends didn't know what the bouquet would look like and the look of the cake was a surprise for me, so I think it matches so well, because they know that I like the colour red. :-) Being presented with pics of yummy cake at dinner time is mean. I'm sorry! :-P

Haha! I had just that uh-oh or rather duh moment when sewing the lace! :-D Sometimes things are fortunately simpler than they appear!

You are right, my grandmother was very proud. She told everyone that I had made the dress myself. :-) She had been making suggestions all the time before the wedding and her big favourite was Princess Victoria of Sweden's wedding dress, so I'm glad my dress was able to live up to it in her eyes! ;-) :-)

I haven't seen the movie Bright Star, yet, but I looked it up on imdb and it looks great! The costumes and the photography are beautiful! And those kinds of movies that husbands can't stand are often the best! :-D We had friends visiting in summer, a good friend of mine and her boyfriend, and we started watching the 2008 BBC miniseries of Sense and Sensibility. The men decided to "take a walk" (... to the pub ;-)) and we had a great time watching the movie and chatting. :-)