Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some small sewing

It's my good friend Dana's birthday next week and I put a little package together to send to her. She and her boyfriend visited us here in Helsinki in August, so I decided that the items in it should follow a Finland theme.

I made her a pretty patchwork wristlet following the Pink Penguin's fun tutorial. I arranged the fabrics so that the panels represent the Finnish flag.

The fabrics I used were mostly scraps from my stash, some of them given to me by a friend of my grandmother's. The patterns are all so pretty!

The vintage zipper came from my mother's sewing box. Love the hardware!

I decided to quilt the patchwork panel and batting (I used one layer of flannel here) together with zigzag stitch and I love the look of it!

Cute little loop!

I took these pictures yesterday and today the weather is even greyer, so I won't even attempt to take pictures of the other goodies in the package. But here's a list with links: a tea towel with Finland-themed design (the bigger blue one), the best crushed cardamom for making Finnish pulla, some shop-bought mini pulla for those days one can't be bothered to start baking, some chocolate filled with salmiak (here's a pic in a Finnish review) and some delicious autumn tea. All things you cannot easily get in Germany or elsewhere except Finland. I'm really happy with this package and I hope it arrives safely and well in time for my friend's birthday.


Kirsty said...

Great idea, incorporating the Finnish flag. You'll make her very homesick (if she's Finnish).

And thanks for the pulla eye-candy, how yummy does that look! I had no idea you could get crushed cardamom, that would be fantastic sprinkled on all sorts of bad things. Do you think they'd sell that in France or is it a Finnish specialty?

Eva said...

Thank you! She's not Finnish, but I hope it will remind her of a nice summer holiday here! :-)

Yes, pulla is really delicious. There are various forms of it in different shapes and with different additions. And unfortunately they really aren't the same with ground cardamom. I don't know if one could find it in France. Back in Germany we didn't. When my fiancé was asked to make something typically Finnish he searched for it all around until he had some sent to him from Finland ... Such is the importance of the crushed cardamom! :-D In the pulla recipe I linked to, there's a description of how to make it oneself, but it sounds like a lot of work! :-/

The Muse of The Day said...

Eva - I loved hearing from you today, it was like running into a friend. The blue and white "flag-bag" turned out great. Filled with all those goodies, I am certain your friend will want to come back for another visit. The photos of the bag with the bike are a perfect match. I also loved how the zipper catches the light - very cool. I read the previous comment and your reply to it. I would say marry that fiancé if he promises to make pulla for you until you are both too old to stand in the kitchen. Hugs from Tennessee, Carolina

Eva said...

Thank you so much, Carolina! :-) Actually, we are getting married in October. :-) I hope there'll be many pulla-baking years ahead for us! :-)

I really like that zipper pic as well. The light here is so beautiful sometimes, really different from the light in Germany at least.