Friday, August 27, 2010

Scalloped Baby Blanket

Here I am still obsessed with the Laura Ashley fabric! It hit me, how well this fabric pairs with this pretty Folksy Flannel design I had in my stash. (With lots of babies on their way in our circle, I thought I'd better stash up on flannels. :-)) So I decided to make a Scalloped Baby Blanket as seen in Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I made two of these 3 years ago for my friend's twins (then both sides were regular cotton fabric) and I liked the project a lot.

This time I tried to make the scallops a little too "scallopy" for their own good. At times when I made the scallop edge too deep, the fabric puckers when turned right side out. Well, from now on I'll know better ... The vintage feel of the fabrics goes really well with the scallop design, I think. This is a really summery, happy, nostalgic blanket. I also think that the future recipient could use it all through childhood right into her teens and beyond as a doll blanket, little throw or even a table cloth. While the colours and patterns in the fabrics are very "now" I think they are also timeless.

As you may be able to tell by the light in these pictures, we are slowly making headway into autumn around here. It's become rainier, darker and chillier, all starting last weekend. When this blanket's recipient is born, it will be almost winter.

Pretty colours and cozy flannel to keep baby warm and happy!


The Muse of The Day said...

The scalloped edge is fabulous. I am sure it was tricky to sew, but worth the effort. The colors are timeless. I would love to see a little girl's jumper for the fall - scalloped and flannel lined. I can just see it paired with leggings & matching long sleeve knit top underneath. I wonder if the leggings would stick to the flannel lining? - in which case it would have to be flannel on the outside, lined with something smoother on the inside. Eva, I am thinking out loud, but with your awesome skills I am sure you could make it work. Carolina

Eva said...

What a great idea, Carolina! I really can see that jumper (or how about a hooded jacket?!) in my mind! Oh boy! I won't get that out of there so soon! :-D Another thing to add to my to-do list! I'll let you know if I make it!

Kirsty said...

This is great - love the two fabrics together. I can see how the scalloped edges could be tricky. Turning them the right way without puckering would be hard - lots of seam clipping I'm guessing!
I've really got to get myself some of that flannel, you've inspired me!
Now, apologies that you are already seeing the start of autumn, that is terrible! I keep forgetting that I am in the northern hemisphere now so it's all the other way around (gets colder up north earlier, whereas in Australia it's warmer up north). I won't tell you what the weather is like in southern France at the moment as that will just annoy you!

Anonymous said...

Found you on Flickr - love the blanket - so sweet and beautiful. Great job!