Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink Penguin fabric basket

Here's a little fabric basket that I made for my future mother-in-law following Ayumi's great tutorial. This was a really fun project and the basket is really cute! It's recipient liked it as well! :-)

I tried to combine fabrics and colours that my mother-in-law would like. I used two layers of flannel instead of quilt batting, since I didn't have any batting and the flannel works just as well, I think. The only problem with using the flannel is that the layers get quite thick added up, so you need a strong needle and when stitching the upper rim you have to be a bit careful.

For the bottom and right sides of the handles I used an old linen dishtowel. It was a bit worn at some points so I decided to cut into it and use the parts of it that are still fine. The linen is a beautiful quality and especially soft since it has been washed a lot. I particularly like the green stripe. Pity it is hidden on the bottom of the basket!

There are so many uses I can think of for a basket like this, and using it as a hat is just one of them! ;-) I surely will make more of these as presents and for myself! Thank you Ayumi for a great tutorial and thank you Kirsty for introducing me to the Pink Penguin!


Kirsty said...

You're welcome Eva ;) I think Ayumi has a great site too. I bet your future MIL will be very happy with her gift, and I love that you have recycled a dishtowel (or tea towel as we call them). The linen does get so soft with use and it's such a waste to throw them away - thanks for a great recycling idea! I'm thinking these baskets would be great for pegs in the laundry, toilettries in the bathroom, soft toys in the kids room - so many uses.

ayumills said...

What a pretty fabric basket! I am sure your future moth-in-law will absolutely love it!!

The Muse of The Day said...

I went over to see Ayumi's site per your suggestion. Both your basket & hers look lovely. I like the combination of linen against those bright fabric squares. It is a terrific gift. Carolina