Monday, August 30, 2010

Bananas for Monkeys

I have a weakness for monkeys. More precisely toy monkeys or monkey fabric. This must be genetic, since my grandmother loves monkeys as well and has a great collection of monkey knick-knacks. It skipped a generation, though. My mother was an avid collector of everything cat-themed.

My monkey love started to get serious a couple of years ago and I haven't got a really large collection. (You already met Chappy sporting the fabric basket ;-)) I'm more for stuffed animals than knick-knacks and try not to amass too much stuff. This book was a real eye-opener, though. I LOVE IT!!! I can't stress the genius, beauty and cuteness of this book enough!

Here are some of my favourites:

Ask this one for advice, he'll know something clever to say!

I bet this monkey knows how to tell a good joke!

Looking for fashion advice? Just ask her!

This one decided to go as Baby Jane for Halloween!

They break my heart!

So you can imagine that I couldn't resist when I came across this fabric collection online.

(my loot)
(close up)

Or these socks including instructions!!! Now I can make my very own sock monkey! Yay! :-)

I'll only have to decide what it should look like and get some other projects finished, first ...


The Muse of The Day said...

Eva - I spent the weekend with Anna Maria Horner at a workshop she gave. I showed her your blog on my iphone - and we were both oohing and aahing over your sewing. She said she recognized your pictures from her flicker group. It is your eye for combining colors that I love the most - you don't "over kill" on the colors.
This monkey fabric looks fun. I will be checking in to see what you do with it. Until then, Carolina

Eva said...

Carolina, thank so much! I'm really happy that you like what I'm making and your telling me so is a great motivation! And as you can probably tell from my fabric selection, I'm a big fan of Anna Maria Horner, her fabrics are so beautiful and inspiring. It feels great to know that she likes what I did with them! :-) Thank you.

Kirsty said...

Love those socks, you'll have a ball making them into monkeys. You could do a sweet little couple.

And I agree with Carolina - your sewing (Anna Maria or not) is fab!

Eva said...

Thank you so much Kirsty! :-)(Blushing here!)

Yes, a couple would be great! And I thought that the red fabric would make great pyjamas for the monkeys to wear ...