Monday, July 26, 2010

baby blanket

I made this little baby blanket for our little niece (and her parents, as I know that they are big Africa and wildlife fans). I used a fabric panel with elephants as the top and the backing is the beautiful and soft Forest Hills in Moonlight from Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannels collection. The picture doesn't quite convey how well those two fabrics go together. I'm really happy about this and feel lucky to have found two so beautiful fabrics so perfect for this particular project.

The size of the blanket was dictated by the size of the elephant panel. I cut the backing slightly larger than the front so that the flannel would just peek out from behind and frame the front a bit with specks of colour. I cut a plain white flannel the same size as the front for filling the sandwich. Since I didn't want any stitching to disturb the front design, I decided to do some free motion quilting along the black outlines which is almost invisible on the front. My free motion stitching has room to be perfected, but I hope this doesn't influence the practical use and care of the blanket. I rimmed the blanket with parallel stitching to give it a nice border.

This was a really fun and satisfying project and I like the idea that it looks pretty and will also hopefully be used and drooled on a lot. ;-)


Kirsty said...

That looks great Eva! How did you find quilting the flannel, was it tricky?

Eva said...

Thank you, Kirsty! :-) Since I'm new to free motion stitching, it all felt quite tricky and fiddly to me, I have to say ... :-D The flannel sometimes "stuck" to the machine while sewing, meaning it didn't glide as well as regular cotton. It didn't really disturb me in this project, but I can imagine it could be annoying in a bigger project or when greater precision is needed. That said, I think I'll use this flannel-flannel-regular cotton sandwich for any potential future baby blankets, since I like the feel and weight of this combination very much.

Kirsty said...

Good to know, thanks Eva. I think you've hit a great idea there using nice soft flannel for baby blankets.

I have yet to tackle free motion quilting, I've only done straight lines with my walking foot. That is one thing I will have to tackle in the near future!

Eva said...

Yes, I'd also like to practise free motion quilting a bit more, since you can do such cool things with it! I can't take credit for the idea of using flannel for blankets. In Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing it is suggested and also Anna Maria Horner made some swaddling blankets with flannel shown on her blog. But like I said, I really like this combination! :-)