Wednesday, June 30, 2010

simple sewing

Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most satisfying.

I made these coasters from Folksy Flannel and a tie dyed cotton I dyed at school. I followed the measurements and instructions in this inspiring book, except that I skipped the facing and binding. The flannel is, for my taste at least, thick enough without adding facing.

I had a fat quarter of the flannel and made six coasters and there's still a nice bit of the quarter left. Enough to make three more with some fabric to spare.

I'm really happy about this project! It felt good and liberating to make something so simple which will also hopefully get a lot of use. (Using a coaster right now! ;-)) My head is spinning with inspiration and ideas right now, but somehow none of them is cooked up well enough to embark on a larger project, yet. So it's good to get at least some small sewing out of my system!

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