Monday, April 26, 2010

Flowers and quiche

Friday we had some guests over and we had some loosely French-themed food like quiche and different cheeses with French bread. Inspired by the beautiful Spring sunshine I couldn't resist buying some fresh flowers for the table.

The quiches turned out very nicely as well. We made two different ones from this great book.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

springtime pillow

springtime pillow
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I made this pillow from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks Small Gathering Azalea fabric. I fell in love with this print some time ago and finally decided to order some of the fabric. The fabric is just as amazing, or even more so, as I expected. The quality of the fabric itself is great and the colours and the print design are just so beautiful!

I decided to center the design on the flower detail for the pillow fronts. I also added pink piping around the edges to somewhat frame the fabric and emphasise the colours even more.

I got rid of those depressing grey pillows we had (at least for the duration of summer)! Feels a lot better now!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was a beautiful Spring day here in Helsinki (that is, if you are like me desperate enough for Spring to call a day of sunshine a "beautiful Spring day", despite the remaining snow on the ground and the bare trees ...).

I went to the city centre to stroll around for a bit and visited the Designmuseo, one of my favourite museums here. They have a new exhibition about Modernism at the moment and a permanent exhibition about Finnish design, which I like very much. Their shop is also great.

Today, there also was a workshop on cake decorating! How cool! The materials were included in the entrance fee and everybody was welcome to try their hand at it and take the result home. There were different decorations available and it was really fun!!! The women in my family are really good at making cakes and decorating them beautifully, but I never really tried it before myself.

I think it turned out quite nicely! As you can guess, Spring was the inspirational theme for my decoration ...

Also in the spirit of Spring, I made this dress/tunic for my friend's daughter. The pattern is from Ottobre Spring '09 and the fabrics are Little Folks by Anna Maria Horner. I recently ordered a collection of those fabrics and they are really great. Everything people have been writing on the net about them is true. They ARE "buttery", "dreamy" and "breathtaking"! AND a pleasure to sew with. There is a great post about sewing with these fabrics on the designer's blog here.

Love that rick-rack framed heart-pocket!