Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Look

After some thinking I decided to come back to writing this blog. For the past two years school has taken most of my time and attention and I didn't feel very inspired to post. I feel that a writing a blog doesn't make much sense if it feels like a chore.

To mark a new beginning, I changed the look of the blog. I hope the new layout will be a nice background for the things to come!

And speaking of new looks, I made a new cover for my chair:

It used to be black, dull and a bit scruffy. I'm really happy with the result! The fabric is from Ikea. To make it, I pinned some old fabric very snugly to the front, back and seat of the chair and outlined the position of the seams with a marker on the fabric. I then added seam allowances and cut out the pieces. Those fabric pieces acted as my patterns for the covers. I added extra length to the bottom of the backrest cover for snap closures. Also for the seat I made sure that there was enough fabric to secure the cover neatly and for making a tunnel for the fastening. The covers are removable: the cover for the backrest closes with snaps at the bottom and the seat is pulled tight with elastic.


Andrea said...

Yeah!!! You're back. :) Btw, got the tea towel. Love it.
Also, picked up sewing (merely as a hobby) recently. I may have to ask for some expert advice in the future. I hope you guys are doing great. Miss you.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

This looks so fab, bravo! Thanks for sharing the link with me earlier today!