Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swizzle Vest WIP

Well, I still don't know what to do with my Zitron yarn, but I started a new project, this time something for myself. It's the Swizzle Vest from Domiknitrix and the design has been on my mind for quite some time. I found an FO pic here. I got the yarn a couple of months ago and since we spent some time in the car at the weekend I finally started it.

I'm knitting it with Rowan Big Wool (yes, I'm a real yarn snob ... But I enjoy knitting with nice yarn much more, not to speak of wearing the final project.) I decided to go for black and off-white, although I also really like the suggested colourway of black and red. The local yarn shop didn't have any nice red and also I thought since it's a layering piece the more versatile the colours, the better.

I'm really enjoying knitting it so far, although I had some trouble with the lifted increases and at first also with the tubular cast on. On the other hand it's nice to have a bit of a challenge and learn something new. I think it's really obvious that the designer put a lot of thought into the pattern and the shaping of the back looks really beautiful.

Unfortunately, it's not so well visible with the black yarn ... As you can see in the cast-on row, I didn't listen to the author of the book and just bought one size of needles, since the girl in the shop said that it should work fine. So, I didn't use a size smaller needle for the cast-on row and it's a bit loose. Well, it's not perfect, but I'm ok with it.

I like the fact that this vest is so nice and curvy and that it knits up fast. I'm really looking forward to see how it'll turn out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm still here ...

... only really busy! School is great, but these first couple of months have been a bit tiring. Lots of new stuff to learn, getting used to a new routine, etc. ... BUT: I got some knitting done!

High time, too, since the recipient of this cardie (the cardie I wrote about in my last post) has already arrived! I really like the design and it wasn't as hard to knit as I first thought. There was some twisting of stitches and cursing involved, as the yoke is knitted on circular needles and I found out it's not so clever to try to do that while you have a cold and headache ...

There really were quite a lot of loose ends to be woven in, so if you're not a fan of that, stay away from this. But I think it was worth it.

I already got a new ball of yarn to play around with:

It's Zitron Nimbus in colour 4. It's a lovely yarn, only I don't really know what to do with it. Anyway, knitting it is a pleasure, I already almost knit up the ball once, just to see how the colourway turns out.