Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Short Sleeve Cardigan FO

So, it only took me about a year to finish this. The knitting was done really quickly, the sewing up was a bit trickier. So I got frustrated and the project banned to the closet for the long time it took me to get over that frustration ... Maybe I shouldn't have used the Calmer for finishing, since it's so elastic. Well, I did anyway and the Cardie came out quite nicely, if a wee bit too short for my taste. But since it's a layering piece, I don't mind that too much.

Here's a picture of the cardie from the magazine. I found it at Samurai Knitter.

I only added one button, since four seemed to overload it a bit. I would have only used the top one, anyway.

It's a really beautiful mother of pear button and now I have 3 more left for some other project. Not so bad, I think.

Something completely unrelated: I've got a new favourite website: une fille comme moi. My French is very rudimentary, but it doesn't matter, since I love this page for the beautiful pictures and drawings. I especially like this and this.


Alicia P. said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Like a cardigan for the queen of the forest. Just lovely!

Rachel said...

The cardigan looks wonderful! I'm glad that you finished it : )